How would you change the Legendary Gear?

Which Legendary gear would you want to be changed so it becomes more appealing to you to use? How would you change them? Pick some and let me see what’cha want!

Here are just a few of many I would want changed with some suggestions on how I would like them to be. Trail Blazers may be OP in this iteration lol

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Change special effect to:

Gain 8.40 Attack Speed while shield is full.

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Effect changes to:

Regular Attacks deal 50% bonus damage while airborne.

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Change Effect to:

LLC Only: Deal 25% bonus damage to the shields of LLC Battleborn.


LLC Only: Killing an LLC Battleborn stacks 1.40 Shards per second until you are killed. Max 5 Stacks.

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Change effect to:

Gain -1.05 Second shield recharge delay and +28.00 Shield recharge per second while using an alternate aiming mode.

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Change effect to:

Once every 120 Seconds, Sprinting for at least 3 seconds, will grant 50% bonus damage to your next skill.

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Change effect to:

Gain 28.00 Shield Recharge per second and -1.05 Second shield recharge delay for 30 Seconds after buying or destroying a buildable.

Shout-out to Lowlines for his noice tools.

…For those of us who only PvE, especially the new OPs, boosting shields by only 140 is an insult.

140 Shield can totally save you from a OHK from a Brute 'nade!
How much do you think would be a middle-ground for shield bonus so that it’s useable in PvE while not OP in PvP?

I also think ALL Legendary Shard and Buildable gear should be VERY LOW cost.

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I’d change the Pain-2-Gain Re-knitter and Voxis Core, so that they actually DROP for me… I swear, if i get just ONE MORE WRENCH, i’ll use it to go “Crimson Bolt” on people:


Hey, buddy, what’s wrong with the Sustainment Well? :stuck_out_tongue:

That said Pain-2-Gain also eludes me.S’one of the good ones.

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You had better apologize afterwards young man. image

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That would be outrageously OP on bouncy characters like Bendict or Mellka and maybe Caldarius (and really just about anyone else because I constantly bunny hop)

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Toby: OhmyGod, ohmyGod, ohmyGod… SORRY about that!

(Couldn’t find the taunt gif…)

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It isn’t the effects of legendary gear that’s bad (with a few exceptions) it’s the fact that some gear is situational and dependent on your enemy. As someone who enjoys card games, (Magic not poker) I know that you never plan based on your opponent having certain things. If they don’t have what ever you are preparing your gear for then it’s wasted. That’s why I think you should be able to grab gear after characters are chosen and revealed to both teams.

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Has a random chance to swap with an enemies gear piece and apply a -.3 shard generation value

Mini-Singularity Launcher:
Allows reload cancelling .3 seconds earlier, but increases recoil

Boots of the Brute:
Using a skill stores a jump. A maximum of 10 jumps can be stored. They are half the size of a normal jump and can be used in midair

Culling Spike:
Increases damage of crits on Thralls by 1.5 times

Double Hug:
Replaces Toby’s shots with 30% power and CC arc mines. His shield applies all the same buffs to these arc mines

Go-Go Juice:
Sprinting for a minute straight allows invulnerability for 5 seconds

Veil Manipulator:
Critting an enemy inflicts a permanent (shards÷5000) regen. This stacks repeatedly

Dr Fists Medic Bag:
Allows you to heal enemies. Healing an enemy blinds them

These aren’t necessarily serious although I would want them all in the game

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I can get behind your Double Hug change! Tripple penetrating stun mines FTW!!

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That reminds me of someone…

Kid Ultra if you didn’t catch on random forumite

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Yeah; but Toby gets all the necessary helix’s at lvl. 7. In other words: ALL HAIL OUR NEW PENGUIN OVERLORD!!

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Did I mention he can charge the arc mines?

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I’m actually doing the math in my head right now; this is what i’ve got: Me N’ my magnets means that The mines are really dealling 55% damage or so; sorry I broke your wrists means almost a second of stun per mine, times 2; beamsplitter means huge area coverage and stacking damage (though it’d be hard to land all three mines for stun); heartpiercer means you lay waste to everything in the lane; what’s mine is yours grants an automatic win.

I like this plan; what could possibly go wrong?

EDIT: Haha, you can charge them for 200% damage, AND they can crit.

Or go with the pull? I don’t know much about it, but an entire lane of pulls sounds fun. I’d apologize for going offtopic, but it is your topic so :grin:

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No, it’s not; i just derailed it to the point that you THINK it’s mine. I’m that good.

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Oh wow. Sorry rabid! (Please don’t hold this against me)

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I doubt that even HE remembers that it’s his thread.

Sorta back on-topic:

This means i get momentary crit damage! Quick, bring me something to shoot!


S’all good.

Make it up to me by making Sustainment Well good. :smiley: