How would you design a pet COM?

If you could design a pet COM, how would it work?

There are so many additive bonuses given to pets to say it’s disappointing is an understatement. This is what makes Deadeye shine so much for Killer Queen, by adding a multiplicative bonus and boosting another it can really bring this build around. This is a decent example of proper synergy with a COM/skills, something Friendbot and Tr4iner falls far short of.

My first entry

• Class Mod - PRED4TOR

Special Effect - When an enemy is targeting FL4K or has no target, FL4K’s pet deals +100% increased damage to them.

When FL4K’s pet kills an enemy, they will automatically perform an Attack Command on the nearest enemy.

Red Text - What manner of beast is this?

Skill boost - Sic Em, Ferocity, Go For The Eyes

I am curious what sort of COM’s others can cook up. I highly doubt we will get pet builds into the meta, theorycrafting and dreaming might be the best we can do.


For FL4K - the COMinator

Red Text - I have detailed files on human anatomy.

Special Effect - Dominated enemies follow attack commands with your pet. Attack damage when command issued is increased by $meta-approved-damage-scale.

Skill Boosts - Psycho Head on a Stick, Sic 'Em, Frenzy


Sounds like a positive spin on a very negative skill.

Would dominated enemies gain the Attack Command of the pet in action??

Exactly… if I point at some target for attack, my pet and any Dominated enemies go after it together.


I’m picturing a rocket launcher bombardment from Gunslinger and some rando CoV pawn lol

Spicy Catnip

Red Text - A heavily medicated skag is a not chewing your face off skag!
Effect - Pets move and attack 50% faster. Attack commands execute 100% quicker.
Skills - Frenzy, Psycho Head, Sic Em

Pretty self explanatory. Pets attack fast for Frenzy stacking, or AC spamming gets faster with quicker execution times.


Red text - Don’t run, you’ll just die tired.
Effect - Critical hits for you and your pet deal up to 40% more damage the further away FL4K is from enemies.
Your pet taunts enemies once it is 30 meters away from you.
Skills - Go for the Eyes, Ambush Predator, Hidden Machine

Theory behind this one is to use the attack command or Gamma to get the pet far away from you to benefit from the extra damage. Since it will be taunting, Hidden Machine will add a beefy chunk of damage. It wouldn’t work with Jabbers since they can’t crit, but also can’t think of many ways to get Jabbers 30 meters away from FL4K consistently so admittedly this would probably need to be a generic damage multi damage increase for the pets.


Red Text - You don’t need to wear a mask with us.
Effect - When FL4K’s health is above 75%, their pet gains bonus cryo damage with 100% cryo efficiency. When pet health is above 75%, FL4K gains 2% life steal.
Skills - Who Rescued Who, Rage and Recover, Fast and Furryous

Turns the pet into a debuffer, and you can use Ice Breaker to further buff your damage.


White? Fang

Red text - Like a moth to a flame

Effect - When FL4K activates an action skill, their pet taunts all enemies in a large area for a few seconds.

FL4K’s pet gains +10% attack speed and +20% damage for each enemy targeting them, this effect can stack 5 times.

Skills - Who Rescued Who, Frenzy, Pack Tactics

This was my entry for adding a taunt to Rakk Attack. The taunt would be instant upon action skill start to avoid the pet having to move to melee range like Not My Circus.


Moby Dong
Red Text: Another one falling for the bait

Effect: Dominated enemies ignite and damage themselves and nearby enemies with a burning aura. Once a dominated enemy falls below 30% HP they run towards the nearest enemy and explode in a kinetic nova. The damage of both the aura and the nova are based on the currently controlled pets’ active damage formula (including Mayhem scaling), once using Atomic Aroma for the aura’s damage calculation and Lethal Force Authorized of the upcoming skill tree for the nova.

Skills: Ferocity, Grim Harvest, Galactic Shadow

My idea is to base the damage of the dominated enemies on the scaling as it is currently applied to our pet. That way dominated enemies become at least walking time bombs to go down like a nuke and deal a bit of damage that way. They would suffer from the burn damage themselves and would therewith absolutely die in a big explosion that should do sizable damage. The nova I calculated from Lethal Force Authorized’s current iteration, which seems to be on a level 30 build. Calculating that up to level 65 gives us 36112 base damage before pet mayhem scaling, around 1.8 million with said scaling. So yeah, having dominated enemies deal 1.8 million damage just for dying would be a neat effect I think. By far not gamebreaking, but I would fill in the complete pet formula for the com, including all skill bonuses, which would more than double that damage. That would make Dominance finally a way to really use our enemies as weapons for us.


I would like the pet COM to not make the VH obsolete. Instead it should make the VH and the pet work together, like this.

Joys of parenthood

As the tree is, so’s the fruit.

Effect: pets regular attack gain 10% of Fl4ks damage of the last 5 second, the attack command attack gains 25%

Skills: need help with those

Yeah that is groundbreaker for pets.


P4k 4tt4ck

RED TEXT - “Clever girl.”

EFFECT - Fl4k now benefits from all pet bonuses that it has unlocked. Additionally, Fl4k’s pets now attack 25% faster.

SKILLS - Who Rescued Who, Frenzy, Pack Tactics

This com would give Fl4k three ways to play, or any combination therein. You can stack damage with Frenzy stacks easier with the 25% faster pet attack rate coupled with added points in Frenzy. You can also take advantage of the com’s effects to keep both Fl4k and their pet alive with the extra damage the com affords the player coupled with extra points in Who Rescued Who. Lastly, Pack Tactics bridges both offensive and defensive stats for a more balanced play style. All skills and com effects on this com strengthen the pack as a whole, while promoting an offensive play style that does not necessarily have to come at the expense of survivabiliry.



Special Effect: For every second Gamma Burst is active, Fl4k’s pet gains a Glowball stack. Each stack gives the pet +4% chance to crit and +5% damage as radiation. No stack limit.

After Gamma Burst ends, stacks last for a short while. (You can chain cooldowns to keep bonus up)

Receives crit/Radiation damage bonuses

Skills: Persistence Hunter, P Head on a Stick, Pack Tactics


This thread just made me sad.


You need a thread to make you sad about pet damage? Lol

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This with Endurance + Countess could yield some hilarious results!

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I like this one quite a bit. Rakk builds really suffer for having no aggro relief, and this solves that. Good one!

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Inspired by Krieg’s release the beast skill

4p3x Pr3d4t0r

Red Text - When you realize your being hunted you either break down or you fight.

Effect- when Fl4k is in critical condition and they activate Gamma burst pets turn into badass versions of themselves.

  • Fl4k and pet are healed to full including shields.
  • 75% damage that is taken by fl4k is transferred to the pet.
  • pet gains +100% movement, and attacks speed
  • Attack commands do 100% more damage and can execute enemies with 25% or lower hp.

This idea sounds incredible! The instant execute is a great additions and I can also imagine some applications with URad. The only thing I’d change is to make it apply to all action skills and not just Gamma.


Class mod - I hate the attack command use button, why does it never work

Special effect - After shooting an enemy, Fl4k’s Pet automatically activates attack command on that enemy if the attack command is available. Pet gains 50% increase attack command damage.

Red Text: Seriously it takes like 5 seconds of looking at an ememy to activate attack command why

Skill boost: psycho head on a stick, barbaric yawp, Sic 'em

(Name and red text subject to change)


Oh wow this solves the whole “Wha if we buff the pet then people will just play AFK” problem! Nice!


This would be a fantastic COM, great way to buff pets while “preserving the gun game”.

For the skills I would suggest Frenzy, Fast and Furryous and Interplanetary Stalker. Those are all solid skills that offer bonuses to both FL4K and their pet.