How would you design a pet COM?

Name & red text, don’t really care

Effect: While COM is equipped summons a pet saurian on the field. The saurian attacks enemies like your regular pet does and when issuing attack commands it fires a barrage of homing missiles. If the saurian dies, it will be automatically resummoned after 30 seconds.

So basically a COM that allows you to have 2 pets as it wouldn’t remove your current one from the field. Regular attacks are melee but attack command could either be a laser or missile barrage as those things are seen on saurians in the game. Preferably the attack command would be party friendly, but not as powerful as a Gunslingers rocket launcher. Saurian would benefit from your pet damage skills, though whether or not it would deal as much damage as your normal pet is up for debate. It wouldn’t taunt enemies while using not my circus (although i guess it could, just trying to avoid any potential AI problems).

EDIT: Regular attack could be melee, ranged attack could be lasers and attack command could be missiles.



Effect: If Fl4k’s pet kills an enemy with an Attack Command it will execute another Attack command on the nearest target(s) dealing increased damage. If an enemy is damaged by an attack command it will take increased damage from Fl4k and their pet.
+75% Bonus Attack Command Damage
+100% Bonus damage for 5 seconds
Psycho Head on a Stick, Sic 'Em, Grim Harvest
If you can’t beat 'em, Eat 'em!


I can’t decide if this thread breaks my heart or pisses me off.

I know FL4K’s pets are a story of missed opportunities, but this thread truly shows how little effort/ thought was put into the Beastmaster aspect of FL4K.


You can summarize most of the ideas here into 3 bandaid fixes:

  1. Buff pet move/attack speed
  2. Make Dominance connected to pets somehow
  3. Buff pet damage overall

Notice how many of these COMs have Sic Em and Frenzy? Notice how many are Gamma exclusive (which I’m not really a fan of but building up to a point here)? Notice how pretty much everyone is designing COMs that are based around synergy between FL4K AND the pet (whether they are health conditions, shooting an enemy, or marking with an attack command, all of which we already have to maintain for max pet damage) rather than straight up pet buffs?

We already need to work hard to maintain pet damage, but we don’t mind putting in that work if it is rewarding enough. Attack commands that are super slow and don’t kill non-trash enemies don’t feel rewarding, but attack commands that insta-kill low health enemies or deal double the damage they do now or debuffs enemies would feel great! Being locked to Gamma for pet builds feels bad when pet damage in Gamma is still pretty bad, but improving that damage at risk to yourself by going deathless, managing stacks and marking targets, or just stacking huge damage for them with a quasi groundbreaker makes the skill feel worthwhile. And anything that makes Dominance less of a useless sack of ■■■■ and gives it synergy with the rest of Master is a super win.

We’re just looking to capitalize on the tools we already have to make our builds better.


Also, most of these COM ideas are simply implementing an existing interaction with out pets. I wouldn’t imagine many of these would be that difficult to code in.

I would think your could use a version of the Groundbreaker code for @Superfr34k’s COM. The Rakk Slag anoint would be a great place to start for @Rabid_Explosions COM.

But it has been made clear that dev’s aren’t really on board with pet centered builds so I don’t expect much in response.


Digipet classmod

With the effect of spawning in another pet for two minutes that does the same damage as the first before it disappears for 20 seconds, and then the cycle restarts

Boosting frenzy, he bites and hidden machine

So the additional pet acts more as a way to stack frenzy and take damage away from flak to deal more damage, very similar to what most top tier flak builds are doing at the moment but with an added boost


Just a general question in regards to pets: When people state Flaks pets can’t solo or referring to AFK-play is this on M10?

I ask this because I don’t play M10 because I’m not that good but I play the lower Mayhem levels and on Normal/TVHM and even when Mayhem 4 was the cap I always played a Red Fang Flak playstyle and what I usually do is Gamma Burst then hide behind something and throw out grenades. Occasionally I will snipe some enemies (VERY rare) here and there but my pet is doing 90% of the kills. Heck, on “hard” enemies I just usually equip an Infinity and whittle him down so my pet can stay alive through infinite stacks. Just having the pet do all the work works for 99% of the game with the exceptions of like the Takedowns or big bosses like last boss in Craig raid.

Unless people are just bashing the time it takes to kill?I will admit his kill time is long. On Moze my AutoBear can solo the takedowns super fast. My Zane clone can solo super fast as well. On flak is probably takes me double the time it takes for my other VHs but I’m still able to solo so I’m just confused on the whole ‘pet can’t do damage’ aspect of a lot of Flak threads.

Thank you

More so this. I posted a video in another thread of an AFK build (not really AFK but my weapons were underleved so no kill skills) and it took 15 minutes to clear Athenas. You CAN play AFK (as in it’s not impossible to kill enemies), but it’s pretty much the wrong way to play. I get that we’re not normally supposed to say that, but you lose a ridiculous amount of damage by AFKing.

Think of it this way: Zane’s clone can deal 10s of millions of damage using only 9 skill points (5 DonnyBrook, 3 Boom Enhance, 1 Double Barrel). If you go for max pet damage you’ll be spending between 21 and 25 skill points on pet specific damage skills give or take, so more than 33% of your skill points (most of them some kind of conditional bonus). Yet for spending more than twice the skill points, your TTK will be dozens of times slower than Clone. Considering Clone has almost all of the utility pets have, does 10x the damage, and for more than half of the skill points, the pet damage is ridiculously poopoo.

Also, it’s at all levels. Remember that pet damage scales by 50% per mayhem level, so they’re actually way stronger on M10 than M0.


Not trying to discredit your opinion but I would wager that in your Gamma build He Bites damage was doing the heavy lifting. While this could be considered pet damage, I see it as a pretty cheeky win.

As @boombumr said, pets are fairly capable against vanilla game enemies(especially the Jabbers). But man do they fall flat in tougher content.


Class Mod - W4rm4ster

Red Text - For the Horde!

Special Effect - When FL4K uses Gamma Burst, two random inactive pets are temporarily summoned to fight until the effect ends. (If you have the Skag out, you’ll summon a random Jabber & a random Spiderant)
-Summoned pets do NOT have special Attack Commands (Though they still attack whoever FL4K targets with an attack command.
-Summoned Pets are also buffed by Gamma Burst, skill passives and receive all pet bonuses but do NOT confer any more passive bonuses.
-Summoned Pets will not attempt to save you when in ‘Fight for your Life’

Skill Boosts - Persistence Hunter, Ferocity, Sic 'Em


There is an alternative I thought about in which you summon the two inactive versions of the same pet instead. (AKA If you have the Great Horned Skag out, you’ll summon the Guard Skag & Eridian Skag)


Class Mod - Temperament

Red Text - “Are they ill tempered?”

Special Effect - When FL4K kills an enemy, their pet gains a stack of Aggression, their pet gains increased damage and attack speed for each stack of Aggression. This effect can stack 5 times. Issuing an Attack Command consumes all Aggression and deals bonus damage for each stack consumed.

Pet damage - 15% per stack

Attack Command damage - 25% per stack

Skills - Psycho Head, Most Dangerous Game, Pack Tactics


Ooh, that’s nice…

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It’s a shame these are “what if” ideas. There have been some great suggestions.