Howe much health regen. does Vyn'so Quiver grant when you reload an empty clip?

Title says it all.
Just trying to find out how much regen Vyn’s Quiver grants when you’re weapon has 0 remaining shots/charges/bullets/kunais/grenades/etc.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give you any. I haven’t used it though, so I can’t be sure.

It gives you regen proportional to the percentage of bullets remaining. A theoretical 30/30 remaining would get you max regen (4.2 iirc). 0/30 would get you 0. Since you can’t actually reload a full magazine, you can never actually get max regen, just close.

Shoooooot… I was hoping it would give like some minimal health regen…
I was hoping to change up my caldarius build and that would have been awesome for some added survivability.

With Caldarius you get up to 8.3 hp regen per second (if you reload and 29) BUT Caldarius doesn’t need a reload speed item, he already reloads in 1 second anyway. It’s better to use it on Oscar Mike, Mellka, Ghalt or Whiskey.

The basic tactic with this item is whenever you are out of combat, just shoot 1 bullet and reload and it will stay at max regen until your next fight.

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