How's Battleborn now?

I am one of the players that decided to jump ship to Overwatch when it was released.
Having around 130 hours in Battleborn and 60 hours in Overwatch, I feel that I am in a fairly good position to judge both games fairly.

I had a blast with Battleborn and I believe Battleborn is overall the better game. It has deeper content, better lore that is actually embedded in the game (Overwatch has good lore but you will have to search outside the game for it), a pve system that I didn’t get bored of, unlockables which I enjoyed and overall better character dialogues and humour in the game.

But despite all of this, I am playing Overwatch and not Battleborn and the primary reason is because of the player base.
Looking at the numbers right now, there’s only 658 player the game. Yes, it’s morning here in Europe and in the night in America, but what is the daily peak now? 2k players? I can’t even see Battleborn in the top played games in the Steam list last 48 hours.

So how’s the game now? Does everyone still enjoy the game? Is Alani a good hero? Is it worth coming back too despite a low player base? I had a blast using the unofficial Battleborn Discord server to find games and at peak, you had multiple groups going on doing both pve and pvp. The days before Overwatch, the amount of players on that server gradually decreased and I fear that the server is empty nowadays. And Battleborn is not a game which I would enjoy just solo queueing.


I’m still having fun with the game. I don’t get to play it as much as I’d like but when I do get to play I have a lot of fun. Alani is fun, but a little on the strong side at the moment so she’s being looked at. She already had her health reduced a fair bit and is still on the strong side.

As for whether the game is worth coming back to with the lower playerbase? That really depends on you. It’s fine for me. I’m in NA and so I don’t really have any trouble finding teams to play with. It also helps I use the [Battleborn] Discord to find teams to play with. Sometimes I’ll play with the Discord staff and other times I’ll play with other members of the server. My favorite times of course are when I get to play with the developers.

And the numbers might be down now but they will come back up. Bugs will be fixed. Characters will be balanced. Matchmaking will be tweaked. Maps/levels will be optimized. New maps, modes and characters will be released. New double xp weekends will be announced. We may even get a free weekend or two perhaps. New copies of the game will be sold. This game is going to be a late bloomer. It’s a little rough around the edges and needs some polish and it came out at a bad time but it is a great game when you look at everything. Once the developers figure out how to market the game it will start catching on. For now it’s going to have to be marketed through word of mouth.

So you may want to drop in and see how active things are for you and then decide from there. If it’s too quiet for you then come back after a while longer and hopefully things have picked up by then and you don’t have to wait any longer.


The Peak is around 2k. Lowest population will be early morning in the US. I personally still love the game and have been playing it every day since launch. Alani is an awesome character although some people thought she was OP and was slightly nerfed, and will probably be nerfed again (even though I think shes fine tbh). Can’t hurt just to give up OW for a day and come back and try it out again. Plenty of fun to be had despite the lower population.

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dang dude…a bit harsh don’t you think…? His thread didn’t come across to me as OW/BB is the same game type of thing.


My wife and I are console players mostly and love it. The player base is low but we never have issues finding matches or others o play with. Right now we are telling everyone we know about the game and trying to generate interest among our friends and family to get more players. It’s a few drops in the bucket but you have to start somewhere.

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I recognise your name and have seen you around on the Discord server. So it’s still active? If so, that’s a good thing to hear and an incentive for me to get back to the game. Majority of my hours played was gathered by playing with people from that Discord channel.

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Keep preaching this! And do tell us if the devs hint on anything big coming to battleborn!

You would think that I know the difference between this game since I have over 130 hours in the game (Steam lists my playtime as 200+ hours) and over 60 hours in Overwatch. They are not the same game yet it can’t be denied that both games will cater to a player base that could play either Overwatch or Battleborn. Both are still fundamentally FPS games and Gearbox described Battleborn as a “hero shooter”. There was another game that launched at the same time as Overwatch yet no one has really even compared these two games together. And no wonder, Overwatch and Total War: Warhammer (which I also purchased) have little to none similiarities.

I am not out to compare Overwatch and Battleborn, there’s gazillions of threads for that already. And as I pointed out, having tested out both games, I think Battleborn is the better game. As a friend of mine described it, Overwatch is a fine polished turd and I find it hard not to agree with him.
I’ll keep my eye out for this game and hop back in to the Discord channel hoping to catch some players. Majority of those I played with are still on my friend list (albeit only very few are still playing the game regularly).


The player base is still stronger on consoles than PC right? I remember that this was the case couple of weeks back and I would reckon that it still holds true.

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I played both overwatch and battleborn @bugulu & I agree w/ you that Battleborn is the better game. To me, overwatch is way too noob friendly, something to pick up and go but still fun at the same time. Battleborn has more to offer.

The game is getting patched every week and Alani is an amazing support character when played right. I do believe this game will be a late bloomer & it’s not that bad for me finding games… I also play w/ a set group which makes things fun. It’s hard playing solo, especially w/ no ranked mode yet. Not sure how hard it will be for you to find matches though. Like I said before though. I play both games at the time being but play Battleborn more often. You should still jump on every now and then and play some rounds


Idk I think the player base on ps4 is alot better than it was. I just found a game at 7 in the morning almost instantly


I kinda don’t get it when you say that you like the game but don’t play it because of the playerbase. It’s low, yes, but all you need to play is 9 other people. I’m playing Battleborn a lot right now while I still can, while there are still people to play with. Queue times are still manageable here for now.


I am not too fond of solo queueing but rather play with people that have a microphone. I have been using the unofficial Discord channel for that. But before I stopped playing Overwatch, the population in that Discord channel got lower and lower everyday. From having multiple groups doing both PVP and PVP, it was narrowed down to a single group doing either PVP or PVE in primetime Europe. I also have a clan that played Battleborn alot but same thing there, I rarely see anyone online playing it anymore.

So yes, I could solo queue and play with randoms and have bearable queue times. But I don’t enjoy playing solo.

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Keep it respectful or simply dont participate in the conversation.


I’m on PS4. Not sure if it has more active players than Steam, but matchmaking is not an issue, even at 2:00-3:00 AM.

She was a bit OP at first but just got her HP nerfed quite significantly. She’s a solid healer who does very good damage with strong CC.

Don’t know. Did you quit because of actual matchmaking issues or just because the numbers discouraged you? Again, I’m having no problems.


The numbers discouraged me. I have little complains on Battleborn except for a few glaring issues. Galilea being as overpowered as she was and matchmaking queue system where us premades would face against a team full of solo queuers and lower levels. Pubstomping isn’t enjoyable for neither teams.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a solo player. To enjoy myself, I want to play with other players and preferably over voice comm. The shrinking numbers on both the Discord channel and in my own clan was the primary reason why I changed games.

But Kaleidodemon has a great advice which I intends to follow. Will be checking here and then on the Discord channel to see if there’s some activity going on and hopefully hop in to a few games.

Defintely worth it. I play both games currently and enjoy both, although I do spend more time in Overwatch for PS4 specific issues. But BB is still worth playing IMHO.

Only takes 10 people to play a match. 658 = 648 people you don’t even need.

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Personally I feel like battleborn has fallen from grace for me, and I don’t even own OW , my brother does and I actually have more fun taking turns when he is over than us both locally playing BB. I love the concept of bb and the characters but the game just fumbles after fumbles which really makes it impossible for me to really get into the game and play.

For example during beta phoebe and ambra godlike OPness, release marcheese and galil OP with miko unbalanced 22 days later finally getting a nerf and properly balanced i can enjoy the game again then alani is released and the same cycle repeats. I haven’t even touched BB since alani because it really isn’t fun anymore having to deal with unbalance mechanic one after the other is just jarring, especially when the matches are so long, matchmaking is pretty derpy still, no ranked yet? and character customization really isn’t much variety the same colors just on different characters.

Overall I feel BB is the more daring and brave game but needs more time to get that inertia going as for me I can’t touch it while it’s in this trainwreck state (my personal opinion), currently im just playing smite.

I’m in the same boat, except I don’t own or play OW whatsoever… The thing with Battleborn for me is the massive time sink for generally nothing… I spend time with a 20-30 mins game to get a tiny amount of XP and credits with zero reward in PvP… The PvE side of it has gone a little down hill and has now turned into a smash fest of who can kill what first, who can destroy the shards first etc… Sort of reminds me of Destiny where you knew the maps and spawns and literally ran through the mission time after time… That got boring quick…

The only thing I think could bring me back to BB full time would be a better reward system in PvP as that is where I would spend most of my time… It just gets a little stale too quick recently… I’ll be back for sure, just waiting on the next Battle plan or major update to see what GBX are bringing to the table…