How's Battleborn now?

On PS4 player base is fine. However on PC I hear the same thing over and over, and it really is a legitimate reason to not play any game.

Been getting into matches pretty quickly on the Xbox these past few days.
Specially now that Overwatch is out, the hype is starting to calm down and people are getting bored of it, I’m having quite a large number of my friends starting to switch over.

My roommate kept making fun of me for choosing BB and not really playing my Overwatch copy. a few days ago he sat down and watched me play 2 matches, let’s just say he now has BB and is playing with me almost every day \m/


The counter to this would be Overwatch. There is no unlockable that impacts gameplay in Overwatch, only vanity items.

As opposed to BB, where heroes and ultimate gear are locked behind a somewhat significant timewall.

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The game isn’t dead. Not in the slightest. It’s having a rough/slow start for sure but it’s far from dead. It’s going to have a rough time for a while perhaps but it is going to start growing. Borderlands did the same and so will Battleborn even if it’s going to have a harder time in the short term. In the long term this game is going to be fine. I’m not being blindly optimistic either. I just see what others do not. This game is going to grow on the backs of those who make this game their hobby.


Please try to stay respectfull towards other members when you proclaim your personal opinion, instead of lashing out in such a fashion.

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It will. Unfortunately the damage has been done and it will take a LONG time to draw players in. The consoles however seem to be doing fine.

Continuing from the consoles doing fine… It is frustrating on the PC to wait 5 or 10 minutes for matches. It is upsetting to only find a full co-op team half the time you queue. It is infuriating to wait this long to get into a match just to have players quit or surrender quick and do it all again. BUT it is not dead. Not yet. And if a few people make some smart decisions it won’t be.
The current state of the game is due to how the launch was mishandled. Quite honestly I’m surprised whoever was in charge of marketing this game still has a position at 2K.

That it did. But Borderlands still had their own rough starts and unfortunately this just the way it’s going to be. I just hope the patch coming out this month is ONE HELL OF A PATCH else those of us patiently waiting and logging in every day may just start to think the effort isn’t worth it.

There are still a few thousand of us that do care! And I will admit that statement in itself is sad. Not because we do care, but because a game with this much potential has only a few thousand fans.

I think if you originally had a blast with this game, then you should come back to it. I’m not saying it is perfect, but it is still worth playing :slight_smile:

Hey, guys! I’m new in the forums and a recent arrival as a battleborn player. I’ve felt the same as other players here: playstation player base is good enough. But one thing I’d like to add is that this is by far the best community I’ve seen since the days of Blood and Heretic (yeah, I’m kinda old). This alone would make me choose battleborn over any other game, and the only reason I do not play it frequently is the lack of time. Also, this is sort of off topic, but I’m looking for a player group on playstation with which to play (I wanna learn the ropes from others, beyond the massive good readings I found here), so if anyone can point me out towards willing tutors, I’d appretiate it!

Thanks and best wishes!

Hello and welcome! :slight_smile:

I did a little search for Battleborn LFG and this site popped up.
Hope it helps!

Wow, thanks!

Just as I said… Best community ever!

Best wishes!


Games still awesome, but you have a major point. We need players and we need them fast. I really wish we could turn back time and Cher (see what I did there?!?!? lol) some hindsight with the marketing team at Gearbox as to how minimal marketing has affected us as a player-base.

We need a free week, or reduced price for a while longer (possibly just the standard version since the forums raged with people complaining about the reduced DDLX). We need more Battleborn trailers, and AD’s anywhere and everywhere.

I’ve played several games this morning, and all but one, was matched with only one person (PVE mind you, trying to master a new hero and don’t wanna bring any other players down in PVP). Just now got into my first 5/5 about 30mins ago.

I couldn’t really suggest whether to play Battleborn or Overwatch for you because I’d be bias. I shelved OW in less than a week and went back to BB. I wasn’t fond of the cookie-cutter game modes, and I didn’t feel any connection to any of the characters in OW.

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Damn you, now I’ve got that song in my head. And cannons. And electrical tape.

Still here. Still loving it. Still getti my butt kicked most days.

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There is also the [Battleborn] Discord server stickied to the top of the forums somewhere that you can join as well. Lots of good people/players there.

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Answering with all honestly, I’m probably going to get melted by the forum police

In pc the game is struggling and the queves are long 10 min +, if you are lucky in not peak hours. The console community on the other hand seems fine

The game is fun, yes.

Alani in my opinion is broken and we are still waiting for the proper readjust of her role. Is on their way for this week if I didn’t read wrong.

Most of the broken stuff on pc are still broken, no E. T. A on the fixes

The community in the game so far is top notch, in the forum is like the queve times average.

Welcome to the forums! :heart:
I also recommend this topic

Its mainly bout Meltdown mode, but I found it rather helpfull since BB is my first PvP/Moba experience :slight_smile:

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Nahhhh, we forum cops are´nt that bad :wink:

Honestly, the forum had calmer days, but a new game means new blood here and many new members come in here without reading the rules. We mods give our best nonetheless :heart:

That aside: As XB1 gamer its really sad how many issues the PC gamers have. Some issues seem to be more web-connection related - I hope they find a way to improve things soon.

There has been a drop in players. Just tonight it took 15 minutes just to find another team. Still issues with balance of characters and maps. If OW wasn’t so boring to me I’d be playing that. Matchmaker is still the worst I’ve seen. For myself I don’t see me playing this by July.

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my heart swells with humility. i would love to help anyone struggling or new to the game and/or its mechanics


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