How's Battleborn now?

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Just as I said… Best community ever!

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Games still awesome, but you have a major point. We need players and we need them fast. I really wish we could turn back time and Cher (see what I did there?!?!? lol) some hindsight with the marketing team at Gearbox as to how minimal marketing has affected us as a player-base.

We need a free week, or reduced price for a while longer (possibly just the standard version since the forums raged with people complaining about the reduced DDLX). We need more Battleborn trailers, and AD’s anywhere and everywhere.

I’ve played several games this morning, and all but one, was matched with only one person (PVE mind you, trying to master a new hero and don’t wanna bring any other players down in PVP). Just now got into my first 5/5 about 30mins ago.

I couldn’t really suggest whether to play Battleborn or Overwatch for you because I’d be bias. I shelved OW in less than a week and went back to BB. I wasn’t fond of the cookie-cutter game modes, and I didn’t feel any connection to any of the characters in OW.

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Damn you, now I’ve got that song in my head. And cannons. And electrical tape.

Still here. Still loving it. Still getti my butt kicked most days.

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There is also the [Battleborn] Discord server stickied to the top of the forums somewhere that you can join as well. Lots of good people/players there.

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Answering with all honestly, I’m probably going to get melted by the forum police

In pc the game is struggling and the queves are long 10 min +, if you are lucky in not peak hours. The console community on the other hand seems fine

The game is fun, yes.

Alani in my opinion is broken and we are still waiting for the proper readjust of her role. Is on their way for this week if I didn’t read wrong.

Most of the broken stuff on pc are still broken, no E. T. A on the fixes

The community in the game so far is top notch, in the forum is like the queve times average.

Welcome to the forums! :heart:
I also recommend this topic

Its mainly bout Meltdown mode, but I found it rather helpfull since BB is my first PvP/Moba experience :slight_smile:

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Nahhhh, we forum cops are´nt that bad :wink:

Honestly, the forum had calmer days, but a new game means new blood here and many new members come in here without reading the rules. We mods give our best nonetheless :heart:

That aside: As XB1 gamer its really sad how many issues the PC gamers have. Some issues seem to be more web-connection related - I hope they find a way to improve things soon.

There has been a drop in players. Just tonight it took 15 minutes just to find another team. Still issues with balance of characters and maps. If OW wasn’t so boring to me I’d be playing that. Matchmaker is still the worst I’ve seen. For myself I don’t see me playing this by July.

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my heart swells with humility. i would love to help anyone struggling or new to the game and/or its mechanics


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im actually going to publicly flag this. do you know where you are? what does that contribute to the conversation?

As someone on a similar boat, here are my views on the subject :

° Player base is still very low so if that was the reason why you quit playing the game, nothing is different now;
° Things havent changed much on the Discord server, we still have fun there but you’re right, not many groups going on and definitely not like it was last month ;
° Im in the EU too and let me tell you, forget the EU servers for PC. While the game isnt dead, those servers def are;
° On the same subject, i now play on the US ( DC or NY ) servers and I usually have no problems with finding games even when pop is less than 1000 players, latency isnt bad either and I mostly get all green bars;
° I have been mostly doing solo queue now and let me tell, it can be fun. I used to only play PvP with premades but it isnt an option now and I started to do PUG matches and im actually having a lot of fun, specially when i get paired up with new players;

To conclude, if you’re looking for a different Battleborn now get ready to be dissapointed, its still a very enjoyable game i mean, its still the same game after all.

I must say though, one of the core problems with the low pop is just this, people who enjoyed the game and quit the game because the conditions are less than ideal, im not criticizing because i thought about stoping to play BB myself but it sure doesnt help to eliminate the problem when we add to the problem ourselves.
Even if i complain a lot here and on the discord servers, i still stick to the game, try to do some videos and submit bug reports. We really need to play the game or the really will be dead.

agree with Matoxic88, the grind is too slow in this game. It really breaks the addiction because you don’t get a very strong dopamine rush from the end of matches or from loot bags. The dead silence during the match ending screen doesn’t help either.

Yep this game could use a strong dose of “sizzle”

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IMO, at least for now, Battleborn is dying, real quick. Please don’t get me wrong, I love this game to bits, play it everyday, but I’m just stating the hard cold facts.

Few of the reasons would be, really bad marketing and advertisements compared to other huge names such as OW or even TF2. I went back to Battleborn’s channel and look at those who commented during beta and pre-launch. I can easily say there are more than 5000 players who at least said positive stuffs about this game. BOOM, post-launch, peaked at 12k players, and dropped to 700-900 players per day. Where are those people who were so hyped about this game?

Secondly, I tried my very best to sell this game to all my friends who atleast played FPS (CS:GO), MOBA (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) or even RPG (WORLD OF WARCRAFT). You know what they told me? "I have no idea what going on in game, everything is a mess and mixed up in your screen. Why is the helix is so complicated? What do I do now? Why is that huge guy (Montana) body blocking me?" What should I do in Overgrowth?
So to be fair, I asked them how did they find OW, since 90% of them plays OW. They told me, the game is simple, interface does not clog up your screen and bombards you with pixels or so much information. “It’s more user-friendly” "Anyone who plays FPS will knows how to play OW"

Third reason: Simply not enough fan arts and cosplay!!! Fan arts and cosplays are the ones usually promotes the game itself. Just for eg, every day I log into twitter I’ll see tons of cosplays for LoL, DotA2, and even OW! Even for the fan arts! I’m a huge fan of fan arts (See what i did there :wink: ) It’ll bring the community together!

The trend of low player count is really concerning and worrying as you can see below snapshot courtesy of

This is one of the reasons why most of my friends didn’t really wanna invest into Battleborn because with such low players count, it scares them away. They might as well play another game where there is a strong player base with PVP mode too.

I know gbx devs are super busy by putting all their efforts and time into making this game even better and attract more players. Whatever you devs are doing, you have my appreciation, but you gotta do it fast. Make a #badass comeback!


How is everything “mixed up” on the screen? Not sure how the helix is confusing considering there are only 2 choices per level (until mutations and then it’s still only 3) Montana blocking? Maybe go around him?
Your friends knew about Overwatch because Blizzard spent millions on advertising, it was plastered all over Taco Bell for goodness sake. What does Overwatch have to do with tacos…

It’s simple, yes OW it is a simple game for people who don’t want to think and actually apply themselves to the game they’re playing, point and click GG

Battleborns interface does not clog the screen have no idea where you’re getting that from

Yes OW is “user friendly” it’s a no brainer game for the masses

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For a lot of people the game is too fast paced and the first person view doesn’t help to understand whats happening, if you are not used to these types of games with MoBA madness on it.

For example my wife is trying to catch and understand the game and most of the time she can’t see enemy players running in front of her when the people is putting some shoots on your camera, same way with the flashy skills. In her owm words she says that she like the game but her eyes get tired too easy and the view doesn’t give you time to rest the eyes so she can’t understand everything thats goes behind the effects most of the times

The hud plus the design of some big hands/weapons characters adds to all mentioned above too.

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Thanks for recommending the topic, Ganjamira! This will help me a lot!

I’ll shoot some questions your way as soon as I spin the disc again, chrischristopher!

And thanks for recommending Discord, Kaleidodemon! I’ll be sure to check it out!

Also, sorry for double-posting earlier today. I answered the posts through my cellphone and did not notice it would stack in the end of the discussion!

You know, when huge fights happen you get so much stuffs cramped into your screen sometimes you have no idea what is going on. Some people (not gonna say many) who atleast tried have told me that, reviewers say that too, I even saw some people post in this forum says they can’t catch up with so much bombarding into their screen.

As for the helix why it’s complicated, let me give you an example. The other MOBA I’ve known to use helix system is Heroes of The Storm. When I first played the game, immediately on the fly for less than 10 secs I knew what to take and they have 2-4 upgrades to choose from other than the ult. It was easy to grasp because they put it in one sentence where you read it one time you’d understand what to take.

For battleborn, it’s a huge cluster of information with lots of reading. I’m not saying it’s not good, but for new players who just entered MOBA would find it difficult to cope up. Like they would spend sometime to read and choose wjat helix to take while something like a fight or taking an objective is going on. And when you open the helix page, you can’t fight, or do anything and it appears up on your whole screen and can’t really see what’s going on infront of you.

For advertisement, I dont see anything wrong. Heck if I were Battleborn and wants to sell my games to more people, I would even advertise it with anything, even burgers! That’s what we call marketing strategy.

Like I said don’t get me wrong, bb is a great game and I’ve put almost 100 hours into it. But it’s tough to convince new players to buy.

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I always viewed the helix as something similar to the skill trees in the previous Borderlands games, seeing as both present a good amount of info and make you really think about what you want to focus on. They also “took you out of the game” so you either had to go fast or time your upgrade right.

I think having set paths for helix upgrades might help some people get over that particular issue. Obviously you could just focus soley on one side or the other, then have a couple of premade templates you came up with (i.e. medic or damage dealer). In regards to mutations, you could either go with one on the fly or opt-in/opt-out of certain ones by marking mutations you use on a constant basis.

I hope this made sense. My brain hasn’t had its special hug (coffee) yet :frowning:

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Couldn’t agree with you more. The helix page is really filled with lots of detailed information which makes it harder for some players to make quick changes/adaptation on the fly.

Another thing I hope gbx can try to change is, during helix selection, allow your character to move or do other action instead of not being able to do anything when you open the helix page.