How's Battleborn now?

[quote=“Matoxic88, post:21, topic:1501587, full:true”] The thing with Battleborn for me is the massive time sink for generally nothing…

You know this is a video game; right? Like, all video games are just massive time sinks with no reward.

You aren’t makin’ cash, you aren’t getting stuff, you’re just moving some pixels around and the only reward you get is some different configurations of pixels…


Well the same could be said about anything, as a time sink :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do enjoy a good time sink…


GG nerf puns ASAP… but seriously thanks bud a good smile always helps.

I may come off as a pessimist for this game, but i really do like BB, just abit let down.

Zomg @V0LUM3 the legendary punzerker himself may have some competition

I am someone who appreciates brutal honesty so I’m hoping you’ll do the same.
I play just about every single night. I have 147 hours played. I play both games modes, sometimes solo, sometimes with a pre-made.
With that said, let me answer your questions.

It is still one of the most fun and different games I’ve ever played. I have no plans of stopping.

No. There are those that do and those that don’t. But then there are those of us who love the game and want it to succeed but are extremely disappointed/frustrated with the direction of the game in regards to marketing, the low PC player base, and the time it’s taking to get a major patch out.
GB or anyone from 2K can spin it any way they want, but 2K dropped the ball on the marketing side of things and the PC player base is hurting bad because of it. The sale was not a celebration (but you need to be smart with your PR despite your fans not being IDIOTS; yes, we saw through that) but a way to bring in some numbers. No company with a game they would call a huge success would give that deep a discount 1 month in. You’re going up against a game that shouldn’t be competing with you but is and you lost that battle. And while I personally don’t find Blizzard’s recent titles fun, I have nothing but respect for what their advertising department can do with their games.

Not yet. Wait for the first official (major) patch/update. And only if there’s a new game mode or new maps would I recommend getting in on the action.
“Wait, what? Why?” I’m sure some of you are asking. I want players to come back to something they’ll have fun with and stay with. Coming back now will be the same experience on the PC but with longer waits to do the things you want or frustration in the inability to find a full 5 man coop group. If you’re on console though, YMMV so I can’t speak for that.
Right now, the PC population is low. It rarely comes close to 2000 players logged in at any given moment and there are times it’s well below 1000. For a game like this, it is unsustainable at those numbers as your player base will just bleed away.

So wait. Play something else. Come back during the next big patch which, if they were smart, will be during a free week of play along side a sale driving the population in the right direction.


Then you don’t understand my point… The reward vs. time put in is a bit of a joke… 20-30 mins for a small amount of XP/Credits… And during PvP you get nothing in terms of rewards unlike PvE, which has now become boring after playing them for so long… That was all that I meant by that :wink:

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You keep using that word…

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nothing worth your while, should I say? People pick words instead of reading the reply as a whole… :+1:

Credits aren’t useful? Character XP? If it’s the lack of gear that bugs you, why not just say you don’t get gear, unlike PvE. That’s a legit talking point.

[quote=“bugulu, post:1, topic:1501587”]
So how’s the game now? [/quote]
It’s fun but it can be annoying solo queuing when you get paired up with new players who don’t want your help. In my most recent match, I was paired up with a 15 death and 2000 total player damage Benedict who insisted that rushing in and chasing kills was a good idea when I told him that he should group up with our team.

When it came out, I was playing the game 5-6 hours a day. After a month, I am now only play 1-2 games due to incidents described above being a common occurrence. I mostly play Tribes Ascend now and highly recommend it for fps players on PC.

[quote=“bugulu, post:1, topic:1501587”]
Is Alani a good hero? [/quote]
Alani is a top hero, but not THE top hero. I’ve seen many good Alanis do top damage on their team (seen many good players get around 10k), which is something you can’t really do with Miko (highest i’ve seen ever is around 6-7k. However, there are a few characters that can easily do way more damage if you know how to use them properly.

If you’ve seen any of my other comments on the BB forums, I do reference the declining numbers a lot. However, I don’t use the numbers to tell people it’s not worth playing. I think it is definitely worth coming back to. Even with a low playerbase, the matchmaking is as fast as any other MOBA (I get 4-5 minute queues in SMITE). Tribes Ascend’s 24 hour peak is 110 players and I can still find servers that give me playable ping. I would say for anyone who hasn’t played Battleborn in a while, play at least a game a day just to get your money’s worth. I’ve found that the more I play, the more I enjoy the game mechanics of Battleborn. Even if I get paired up with stubborn players, I still think that the game is really rewarding.

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Thanks for everyones answers. Appreciate it.

On PS4 player base is fine. However on PC I hear the same thing over and over, and it really is a legitimate reason to not play any game.

Been getting into matches pretty quickly on the Xbox these past few days.
Specially now that Overwatch is out, the hype is starting to calm down and people are getting bored of it, I’m having quite a large number of my friends starting to switch over.

My roommate kept making fun of me for choosing BB and not really playing my Overwatch copy. a few days ago he sat down and watched me play 2 matches, let’s just say he now has BB and is playing with me almost every day \m/


The counter to this would be Overwatch. There is no unlockable that impacts gameplay in Overwatch, only vanity items.

As opposed to BB, where heroes and ultimate gear are locked behind a somewhat significant timewall.

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The game isn’t dead. Not in the slightest. It’s having a rough/slow start for sure but it’s far from dead. It’s going to have a rough time for a while perhaps but it is going to start growing. Borderlands did the same and so will Battleborn even if it’s going to have a harder time in the short term. In the long term this game is going to be fine. I’m not being blindly optimistic either. I just see what others do not. This game is going to grow on the backs of those who make this game their hobby.


Please try to stay respectfull towards other members when you proclaim your personal opinion, instead of lashing out in such a fashion.

Consider to read the Forum Rules again

No matter your opinions and feelings - Stay respectufull to each other :heart:

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It will. Unfortunately the damage has been done and it will take a LONG time to draw players in. The consoles however seem to be doing fine.

Continuing from the consoles doing fine… It is frustrating on the PC to wait 5 or 10 minutes for matches. It is upsetting to only find a full co-op team half the time you queue. It is infuriating to wait this long to get into a match just to have players quit or surrender quick and do it all again. BUT it is not dead. Not yet. And if a few people make some smart decisions it won’t be.
The current state of the game is due to how the launch was mishandled. Quite honestly I’m surprised whoever was in charge of marketing this game still has a position at 2K.

That it did. But Borderlands still had their own rough starts and unfortunately this just the way it’s going to be. I just hope the patch coming out this month is ONE HELL OF A PATCH else those of us patiently waiting and logging in every day may just start to think the effort isn’t worth it.

There are still a few thousand of us that do care! And I will admit that statement in itself is sad. Not because we do care, but because a game with this much potential has only a few thousand fans.

I think if you originally had a blast with this game, then you should come back to it. I’m not saying it is perfect, but it is still worth playing :slight_smile: