Hows deande doing?


Before the big buff deande was my main assasin but recently after the buff i cant find the sweet spot.

Her lack of CC let my targets run away, her attack range is so close and little, her psive is hard to pull, use hollowtiwn to get in or to get out.
Rath can walk backwards and keep enough range to avoid my hits while he deals dmg.
The first helix is a hard choice, right increased your group dmg but leaves you vulnerable during and after the animation, burst dash is triky and hard to land because her range is little and her dash is not that far.

Her lvl 5 hélix is an other hard choice, gives you a slow or a dmg burst but only after hollowtiwn which is a rly long cd.
Her ult has a long set up but is oky, this gives the player time to chose targets but the animation lock is awfull! You can get dmg during the ult and killed right after/in it.

She is hard to be played as pendless Sincé that guy has a way to get in and out and his attack has a bigger hit area also his injection has a cc.

So @Jythri how is deande doing stat wise? What is her main roll? Is she doing oky? How is her kill/dead/assist/minions ratio?

I must say i love how you guys improved her attack speed and transicion btw range and dmg and irc her speed

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How long have you been playing with her? There are quite a number of builds for Deande so it depends on how you wanna play her so you gotta take the time and try out different helix builds with gear and see what you like.

The way I play her is like a support attacker/assassin. If you see any squishy people low on health (healers, low health attackers), go for them. Till then, help your teammates with fights to make it a quick 2v1. If you get in a fight by yourself, use holotwin to make it a quick 2v1 with your clone, also depends on who it is. Avoid tanks until low health but you can always just go in and hit them with a burst dash and drop a holotwin on them to distract so your teammates can go in. I believe Deande requires good map awareness too, so get used to looking at the map a lot and knowing what’s going on. Her Lv 5 Ult is awesome, it requires team coordination but if used correctly…You can turn the tide with that 1 Ult. Only thing I wish if she came back stealth after her Ult so she doesn’t get face wrecked by someone passing by after cast.

Hope this helps a lil bit.

Honestly if you have attack speed and attack damage gear and you go for the 10% additional life steal, you can do a 1v1 on a montana at full health.

I mostly use holowtin as an escape, but when I have to initiate, I let my clone explode then do the damage. You could go with a squishy build and add shield and skill damage that could one shot a miko.

All Deande really needs is movement speed.

I unlocked her in day 5 after launch and used her to disrupt, confuse and push targets out of position. Her weak and slow dmg was compensated with the push up, hard to land and keep but done correctly was lethal.

Now i dont think she is in the same lvl as other meele characters, ground Zero is for a good aoe and don’t fail while double troble is to close the gap btw your target and you, the thing is… Any decent player will start runing once you get in range, your dash wont help to keep in range long enough (remember fans are rly close range) while you can risking and get out of position because your target can and will keep runing to a safe place, this happens to when engage cloaked you have only 3 sec to finish your target.

Every other meele character have a way to keep you in range:
Phoebe has thrust and teleport.
Rath has two skills and speed.
Atikus has one skill and bodyblock.
S&A have a pull and slow.
El dragĂłn has 1 skill and a decent close ranged.
Galilea has pull and stun.
Kelvin got a stun and bodyblock.
Boldur has a stun a ranged and extra speed if needed.
Pendless has injection and cloaked speed.
Deande has doubletrouble to get close but not to keep it that way untill lvl 5 when many other characters get into the best lvl.

Boots of the brute was her only real way to cc but they are… not that good anymore. El dragón gets mor benefits from those than deande

Well, this is where the map awareness comes in. You are an assassin after all. You shouldn’t be going one on one with those characters. Heavy hitters like dragon and Phoebe you should always initiate your battle with a burst dash to lower their attack damage and save your holotwin as an escape unless they are low on health and you can finish them off with it. Use some movement speed gear so you aren’t so slow as well. Deande is an advance character for a reason :slight_smile: you need to know when to initiate holotwin to fight or to escape.

Edit: just to add, remember Deande has a fan throw as well… It does good damage and it annoys people. They will either 1) run away or 2)turn their attention to you which is perfect for your teammates to attack them.

Deande is a jack of all trades but a master at nothing. Before the change to the uppercut, she was one of the best characters because, with 9%+ attack speed, it was a permastun. Now, she can be played any way you want. I personally hate her AoE at lvl 1, so I have been playing around with max shield + cooldown and really enjoying Calculated Risk at lvl 4.

She isn’t a game changer anymore, but she is still a lot of fun.

Although I see her less, feel like Deande kills me more often than before, actually.

That may be a case of those few being dedicated Deande users.

With all shield and skill damage, I can still absolutely wreck. Sneak behind, burst Dash, melee them away from their escape route, and then wail on em or ult

Never go with the burst dash aoe. You can get a lot more burst damage a lot faster with the regular dash. That aoe is obvious and easily avoided, the reason everyone says deande is bad is because they make awful helix choices with her…