How's Mellka Feeling Now?

So, all you Mellka mains…how is she feeling now after the latest buffs?

Steps in the right direction?

Too much?

Not enough?

Please chime in!

I’m looking at you @edensophia @deande @lequizachris

Very curious to know as I’ve only played her like thrice since Winter Update.

Thanks in advance!


Hey I told you my somewhat opinion on it like 10mins ago…I am still in the “meh” stage

Sorry I’m not sure if all the PSN chat messages are loading properly right now because I’m in the phone app.

If you don’t mind typing it out again here, why “meh”?


For some of us it was less about performance and more about what made the character fun. For me personally what made her great is gone. So Meldarius isn’t for me :frowning:



10/10 Mellka, love her already. End of post.

But seriously though, it can certainly kill now and may open up some doors for other helix options. The main problem is the knockback at the end of the melee combo. It screws up the momentum, but it may also simply be because it’s a consciously implemented loop designed for Mellka.

Canister - Spike - Claw Lunge - Melee combo - Melee combo knockback - Get out/Shoot target

Can see the knockback twice here;

It’s fun though thinking about a melee Mellka being viable.

Edit: The fact that she doesn’t use her melee combo while airbourne also takes away from the viability of her melee. Having to virtually be “boots-on-the-ground” is cripplingb to say the least.


Filthy my dear, it just does not feel right, for now.
It feels as though it is steps. But steps in an awkward way. Maybe some helix choices will actually be worth it now, maybe not.
It feels as though the Mellka that we have come to love, is slowly but gradually being taken away from us.
It would have been fine had this been the start of how Mellka was, but it was not. Not saying that this is bad, just off

So…no more blatant ignoring of those Venom Bunnies in PVP anymore?


Can we please focus on other characters now?



Are you not enjoying the continuing story of yo-yo-ing Mellka to the exclusion of all other characters?

Boldur and Gali are completely fine and well balanced, after all!


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Both can shoot to soften or finish
One uses Mt dew to wound, slow while the other uses blind, bleed
Both can initiate or finish with melee
The biggest choice is if you want to be vertical or horizontal movement
Calderius or Meldarius

Yea! I vote we talk about Deande. That’s always a good time. And more importantly she isn’t a non-Deande character. Wurf.

But with regards to Mellka if I may contribute I still wouldn’t want to be in melee range of anything if I can avoid it. I choose life!


Well, as I said in the battleplan, These buffs are what we where asking for pre BP 35. All I can say is, she feels more consistent compared to post BP 35, but definatly still missing a lot of the cool things about her.
Her Unique peices (Canister Reload, DoT) are still weak. As for the Hybrid BB, she definatly competes in Melee catagory with Caldarius. But her ranged output is sloppy. She can (a will continue) to be a nightmare for squishies and attikus, but otherwise, still is weaker. I feel the next changes required are

  1. DoT damage buffed to 18 or 24 or 28 per tick. Make it usefull, but not OP
  2. Canister initail Damage down 20 or so, to make lobbing not AS common.
  3. (Helix on 6, Desperate Lunge) Lunge kills reset its (Claw lunge) cooldowns.
  4. Add 200 hp on base
  5. Lower Eldrid rythem to 200 cap.
  6. Make Venom last 6 seconds. (That Dps amp is a little strong, and way to much power. Lowering it means ranged gameplay will fair better, but melee not op.)
  7. Venom ticks every 3/4 seconds. This will enable more power to range and Melee
  8. Changing up some helixes to make usefull (Lift off, spike vault, frag canister, Tactical withdrawel, Adrenaline rush, Venom Contagion, second wind, potent toxins, All in, and pool shot.)
  9. Damage of Parting gift lowered whether through how often venom applied, to duration of PG Venom, to PG base damage.
  10. One entire helix level that either increases the Damage of venom, or its damage amp. Can help both playstyles, and be appealing to old mains, or places with terrible connection, thus making melee Mellka unplayable (I’m looking at you @edensophia ;))

The reasons for these is to make her unique DoT a little more appealing as an amp and a source of damage, to support all playstyles.
I also want this increased dps on her DoT to not make the one two combo known as Spike and Parting gift. They where strong before, and with changes to how PG works, it will feel more balenced.
I also feel like her helix is (a tiny, tiny bit) one sided, and want them to fix that.
And with claw lunge being a finisher, and gbx pushing that, I feel like it needs to be refunded on CL kills to make it a little safer. Currently, I feel like I can’t utilize it enough, as it often leads to being unable to flee safely, or sliding enough to run into waves of minions.
Finally, she feels very much like a higher risk, normal reward right now, and could use some health.

Thats just my thoughts. @FlamesForAll

Neither of these two is well balanced. Boldur’s shield doesn’t absorb at least 10K damage. And as for Galilea, her Ult doesn’t do at least 1K damage a second. These two are still underpowered.

I know.

Lol that’s the joke.

I was being sarcastic.



+1 I don’t get why the devs are trying to make Mellka like Caldarius instead of a unique character like Melka was

but then again, I don’t get why the devs do most of their buffs/nerfs :confused:


I had some time with Melka yesterday, had some fun with melee, practicing hitting with claw lunge. I was stacking max health and attack speed and seemed to work good. I’m liking these new changes to a point. I still feel the risk/ reward is more risky less reward. I have nearly 700 PVP matches with Melka, so I consider her my main. I would like to see the level nine helix , the attack speed after CL, to be moved to lvl 4. And I would like the knockback on her melee to be removed. For the moment I am trying to not land the final hit, but it is hard to focus when you are up in their face.

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I like the new Mellka buff, melee to me feels more viable now. I’ve not played many matches with the new Mellka yet but I’m definitely going to experiment more tonight. I’ve decided to take a new approach with Mell and play more aggressively with her. Just to be more annoying, although she was that already. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll poke with my pistol first, land a canister, then make my move with either her melee or her spike. Most of the time I’ll still save claw lunge as an escape tool, juuussst in case, but I’ll gladly use it offensively if I know I can get away with it, especially with that blade ejection. I think she could be more of threat now, especially with the parting gift, power spike, refined canisters and feral strike helices.

I definitely agree that this was a step in the right direction. I would however, like a HP buff to somewhere around the 1100 mark for her, and the knockback off her melee combo removed.

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Why no knock back?


This is just my opinion per se, but sometimes I feel like it’s a bit of a burden. There have been times where I’ve accidentally (and ironically) saved someone’s life trying to melee them to death because the knockback would push them to safety.

I would however, say to leave it on her aerial L2 as it does have uses, but not while she’s grounded. If the whole purpose of these changes was to encourage more people to get in close with Mellka, the knockback on her melee combo seems counterproductive to me.