Hows my Axton build?

I seem to got everything all set up for him. While I do my Shotgun Zer0 playthrough (thank you again Chuck for telling me this build exists lol) I thought while I do that I’ll also do another playthrough with my favorite character Axton~

It’s been sometime since I played as him though. The only time I played as him was in a Co-op playthrough when the game first got released. Since then and a couple DLC’s later I thought I would pick him up again and try to reach OP8 with the guy, I mean he is my favorite after all :wink:

So this is my build, I’m leaning towards Explosion Axton (farming that Ogre will not be fun…) and I’ll be using Legendary Soldier whenever I get my hands on one. Reason why no points in Healthy (I don’t like health upgrades, I know once you reach higher levels it doesn’t matter cause things will knock you down anyway.)

What I wanted in this build while I was building it was…Double Up/Nuke and Shield all in the same build.

Glad your playing Axton. Explosive builds are the.most fun IMO maybe get your self a baby maker and gunerang. Also IMO the nuke isn’t worth it but others think it is all I’m gonna tell you to do is test it out and see if you like it.

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he’s the axton badass

Oh I’m not using the Nuke for damage, I know it doesn’t do much damage lol. The purpose of Nuke is defense, not damage. It’s great for both stunlocking and drawing aggro. You can also kill some weaker enemies with it if you slag them first. :slight_smile:

What xmngr said
Also yes that is basically all the nuke is good for. And unless you plan on having your shield down a lot why put points into crisis management? If I were you I’d put then into grenadier and pick up a fastball to fit the explosive theme

Eh…Gendadier is such a boring skill though, Magic Missile pretty much refills it’s self anyway. Plus Crisis Management is good for whenever I get down (with Last Ditch Effort), that extra gun damage to take down something is very nice to have.

What shield do u plan on using

I’m still trying to think of which will work well, such a wide selection of shields. I’m leaning towards “The Bee” or “Evolution”.

I don’t know for sure though, like I said there are ALOT of choices for good shields.

If your gonna use a bee you should use a build center around it. The evo is never a bad choice tho.

Like I said there are so many good shields, it’s hard to say which one. I might not even use those and end up using something else.

Well he is the best shield user. Maybe a cracked sash or something like it.

It’s just one of those things I can’t say which one I’m gonna use man. He has literally a bunch of choices for which shields to use. It’s not like Krieg where I have a choice between the Firehawk or the Rough Rider.

Thank you for your input though.

Yeah I know. What you mean anything else you have a question about?

I agree with your logic on Grenadier.

If you are going Explosive…try this with a Legendary soldier.

Able I am not sold on and you already said Healthy was not important to you.

Since you lose the Turret cooldown bonus by using an Explosive damage relic…a 20% cool down from resourceful with the Turret cooldown from Legenday soldier…you will be fine.

I know you like nuke but to get it you have to give up too much IMHO.

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Nuke is good for stripping the shields of low level guys and damaging the shields of the stronger enemies, knocking them nack and staggering them and for taking out the shields on ION loaders, which means that all the other loaders that like to converge under it are wide open to eat a corrosive Tesla…

All true…and some folks swear by it…especially at OP8…

But I personally find the animation totally distracting and it causes a “down time” of about 3 seconds which I’d rather use for movement and targeting and shooting. 3 seconds at OP8 is an eternity some times.

And I also think that if you are not going to Spec Ranger…then to me at least…Nuke is a wasted point better used elsewhere.

It’s just a cost versus benifits thing to me and the cost almost always outweighs the benefits.

At least to me. But no one made me an expert and what works for me may not for someone else so what do I know.

John summed it up perfectly use what works best for you. The builds I run are far from normal lol.

I’m using Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing build for Axton- trust me, I didn’t spec into the Gunpowder tree past Do or Die when I first started playing him. I never really tried Nuke as I preferred the other capstone skills but it has won me over…

What COM do you plan on using with your Axton? For shields I would recommend the Antagonist, Blockade, Sham or simply a purple Turtle shield.
Also Phalanx Shield won’t do a lot on OP8 and you’re better of maxing out Ready and taking one point from Able. I too wouldn’t use Crisis Management since it’s mainly active in FFYL especially if you pick up shield skills. That’s also why I’d use Pressure over Last Ditch Effort, because Pressure will increase your DPS in and outside of FFYL while LDT will only do it inside FFYL. And with the points from Crisis Management you can go deeper into the Survival tree and pick up Quick Charge.
With this you would end up with my Soldier Axton build which looks like this:
So I’d recommend the Legendary Soldier COM on this build. If you’re going to use another COM things might change.
Instead of Nuke you can also use Mag-Lock if you want to, but both are equally good imo.

I this is by no means meant to offend anyone who offered different builds.

This right here man…this right here actually looks really solid. Alot of other builds that been given to me through different sites or other suggestions, honestly weren’t to my liking. They always never “looked” I know thats a weird way to put it but they didn’t “look” right to me. None of them really clicked in for me.

However this right here I honestly really like, it saddens me I can’t use the shield. (I love the shield) but I guess no one is a fan of the shield cause even on different sites they said don’t use it. sad face