Hows my Axton build?

I mean demonite is the Axton expert if he says its good or works than it most likely does.

Demonite has a good buildā€¦agree.

Iā€™m not sold on Able or Nukeā€¦

Quick Charge is great (with the right shield) so taking the point from Phalanx which only lasts a couple of seconds at OP8 anywayā€¦is fine.

The thing about QC is that it is a Kill Skillā€¦so if you are not generating kills quickly the effect could be minimal on a low delay fast charging shield like a Blockadeā€¦with a Bee, it is pointless.

If you arenā€™t speccing Last ditchā€¦then I think there is value in Crisis Managementā€¦at least more value than Able which I think is lackluster until you can get a 10/5 Spec on it and even then 4% regeneration for 3 Seconds is only 12% of your healthā€¦at 5/5 itā€™s a whopping 6% of your health. Yes it starts over if you are continuously damaging an enemy after a small reset delay of about a secondā€¦

But at that rate and a spec of 5/5 you are going to have to have it restart 9 times to even get you beyond healthgate. Preparation, Transfusions and Moxxies are sooooo much betterā€¦at least to me.

Nuke can be valuable for knockback and it can even kill slagged enemies or really low level mobs at OP8. Some guys love it. I love the animation but hate the downtime and distraction it causes me. Iā€™d rather be moving and shooting and hurling grenades and/or my turret in that down time.

But here is the important point to all of this. Try out various ideasā€¦experiment and see what works best for YOU!

Just because something works really well for meā€¦or anyone else for that matterā€¦does not mean it will fit you, your reaction times, or your playstyle.

Here are the builds I pretty much run all the time with the Legendary Soldier

Build 1 is pretty much my all around
Build 2 Is a max damageā€¦less survivable buildā€¦but it got me solo through the Magic Slaughter at OP8
Build 3 is a very safe blocking/channeling/distraction build for the Peak with maximum slagging

There are some VERY high damage specialty builds for chucking and you can also experiment with the Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil mods from DLC4ā€¦They give insane FR and are really fun, powerful and different.