How's my build?

Lvl 51, wanna know if need to change something in order to survive UVHM…

My Build

The build itself looks fine. What is your gear though? The right shield and relic can add a lot to Krieg’s survivability in UVHM.

you should probably move the points in blood bath to fuel the blood for a few reasons:

  • it makes your thrown axes do insane damage
  • you can proc fuel the blood easily, while the easiest way to prob BB is with thrown axes which do pretty mediocre damage without fuel the blood
  • using BB well without healing requires your dodging to be on point, because you will be very squish
  • you don’t really need the grenades, neither do you (probably) have a reliable way of getting them

To answer your main question: check out this thread, don’t miss you RtB, and stacking health is super awesome but don’t underestimate a good roid shield in UVHM.

I have Fastbalss lvl 50 so my granade dmg is kinda high, but Ill try to repec to Fuel the blood and see how it goes,

You could re-spec and rely on those fastballs to proc BB for you. it’d be a bit different from what you’re used though.

I’d go with this, especially if you have a roid shield. As much as I like StV, it’s not really needed until the OP levels.

All has been said.

You should show us your weapon loadout plus your com and shield

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what gulf said. a point or two in thrill of the kill much later on (op) is good for health recov. boiling blood and blood splosion are good targets now. stv requires much more use of axe throws, lest you kill yourself. get used to throwing because fun.

Tesla or storm front become more valuable in op because bloodlust stacks = damage reduction.

i’ve just started playing with a sherrif’s badge… highly recommended, but explosive relic is fun too.