Hows Short Fuse with Blast Master?

Short Fuse as we know is awesome and one of the gamest best DPS boosts, but how effective is it with Blast Master ?

I’ve been having fun with Mind Sweeper recently, but I haven’t been able to get an ideal Com before the Proving ground event expired. I hate Torgue cross promotion and that the mini grenades often killed me, but otherwise I’ve been loving it over the Bloodless/deathless build I’ve had since day 1.

Then came the recent IB buffs and I’ve been enjoying the Hammerdown nukes a ton, and blast master really increases thier damage to the point where they even work against armored enemies pretty well.

I dont really want to give up using non splash weapons completely but Short Fuse seems to work pretty well with blast master.

I might go back to mind sweeper , but keeping an open mind

Formula here

Thanks man, amazing stuff. Is there a similar breakdown of how the Blast Master com works?

Umm, not exactly off the top of my head but all blast master does is add 100% splash damage to your build so long as you wait 50 seconds and don’t reload.

What are you trying to figure out with it?

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I guess the rate of the damage increase. Not sure I can maintain 50 seconds without reloading with some of my favorite weapons

It increases as you’d expect, it’s a steady ramp up.

Highly recommend not reloading though.

Stick with Mind Sweeper though. Blast Master shines with splash weapons, you’ll get more damage from MS over non-splash guns with BM and SF.

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It’s really easy to maintain 50 seconds without reloading.

  1. Obvious answer is spec on the green tree and use high mag guns like Ogre

  2. If you are using heavy weapons, you can really afford them to go to 0 ammo with Some for the Road or Forge. 0 ammo means no reloading chance.

  3. Reloading isn’t really that a big deal. I’d been using BM and there are times I would have to reload. The penalty for me losing that 100% splash for 50 seconds is negligible if we’re talking about a choice between “Do I reload and lose the splash bonus so I can kill this enemy now” versus “I don’t reload and wait for this enemy to kill me instead”.

He uses a very specific set of weapons in his builds usually, I forget what they are but a lot of them won’t benefit enough from Blast Master + SF, and if I remember correctly he has a Blue Red build.

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Here is my build and with 2 points in Redistribution I rarely run out on my shredifier . Butcher and Night Hawkin last good too, but my maggie maybe 10 seconds?

I was happy with mindsweeper too until IBs hammerdown nuke buffs…

You’ve really changed your build since deathless… If you were to switch from CoL to matched set with some Jakobs weapons it’d maybe work.

I’m afraid the Maggie just isn’t a great Blast Master gun though.

Ps welcome to the Mind Sweeper curse. Trying to get a good non-tcp roll is a pure unadulterated genuine trash time.

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Yep, I’ve been looking for one without ANY TCP for ages… Meh. Back burner, for now.

Update April 16 2020

TCP now boosts splash damage by 10% per point and increases splash resistance by 10% per point

I’d be so happy, but so so mad i have no MS coms with TCP.

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Is it still gonna increase blast radius?

Edit…I want that gone sooo badly.

I just made that up, you can ignore my joke

Thought you got some data mine gold.

Haha nah, but that would make it her best skill

Yeah, it’s absolute trash right now…would be nice to get 180° turn from Gearbox.

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Dang. That got me excited lol.

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It will probably be more like 5% per point but yeah would be awesome

Wouldn’t the % damage increase and % damage resistance basically end up being a wash and you would still die ad much from your own splash ?

do i need to start making copies of my MS and sending it to people… ?