Hows that live connection working out

Actual pain being expressed…

Many of us called it from the beta, this Live connection with no local data, a recipe for disaster.

Yesterday seems to be the norm anymore.
It’s a dice roll just to play BB if you are on Steam. Can’t speak for the console brothers.

So, over the past 24 hours I tried again and again to get Ben 100 OPs on the Phoebe dlc.
It was like being enlisted again. This was push and fail, push and fail.
Finally just now I did it, and Ben was over the top happy.



Yesterday was probably just the remnant of the Amazon problems. They got the system up and running again, but it was obviously not in a great state. Tried on a couple of occasions to get a private match, but it didn’t even spin up a server. (That was between 6 pm and 9 pm eastern US). It is a little wonky to be able to log in and then have the system let you down though. Might have been better to restrict things to command menu and marketplace only until everything was fully operational.

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Many games were out yesterday due to the Amazon servers going down. Even if they dont lease them directly, the server space they do lease may get forwarded through.

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I’m right there with you. I was all against this setup since CTT. It’s the SOLE reason I didn’t preorder, and that I waited for a sale before buying Battleborn.

For those of us not living in some urban utopia, internet connections can be inconsistent. Especially where I live, where ComCast has a monopoly on high speed internet (almost $100/month for 25/6 that occasionally drops to 5/3 with 600+ pings to a server 40 miles away). I can’t justify paying full day-zero price for a game I might not be able to play because of a third party. Sadly…

I understand the reasoning. It makes sense. Just the same, if I were still in the Army I wouldn’t have bought the game at all for exactly that reason. If I can’t play it from Kandahar AB or FOB Salerno…

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Yup, Comcast, Steam and the Amazon connection, all three have dropped my connections, game lost.
Steam lost connection twice over the past 24 hours.

I agree a lot!

After the many reasons I’ve thrown out there, there’s a big one I’ve yet to raise - Deployed Service Members.

I was just thinking on this topic further, and I just remembered this was one of the things that put Microsoft over the edge on removing the requirement that the XBox One being an always connected device.

It was brought to their attention, and I think this is super important, that many Service Members bring their game consoles with them when deployed as a way to blow off steam from some of the most stressful work in the world.

And now that I think about it, it’s an absolute shame that those Service Members can’t blow off that steam by playing some good ol’ Battleborn.

I mean, if for no other reason GBX, do it for the brave men and women who are serving their country!


@zesban as one of those service members who blew off steam I would have never gotten into battleborn if I wasn’t on terminal leave during the open beta