How's the weather where you're at?

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It’s crappy windy and -4C or 26F which sucks because we really didn’t get a winter til it got close to spring

Looks like a typical spring evening. Clear sky, a fair amount of light, still lots of snow around, but you can see the grass in some places. Small roads are icy while the bigger ones are dry. 4ºC/39.2ºF.

Actually, it’s a 40 degree day (nsfw).

Nice and sunny today, around 7°C (45 °F or 280 K). A bit breezy, but we’ve had a week of above-freezing weather and a lot of the snow & ice is gone. You can also see buds and new growth on the trees and bushes. Finally!

Awesome- it’s sunny and in the 60s or 70s.

You make me sad @joekgbx

60s and sunny here in the land of enchantment

Low 30s again. Windchill makes it feel about 20°F. Im of the assuption that its going to be cold here forever.

However, we did get our first rainfall yesterday since November. So that made it not feel like the middle of winter for a brief period of time.

42.8ºF (6ºC), but ugly, wet weather

Hot and sunny here, 86 degrees F and no sign of cooling. Yuck! I already miss my winter clothes. Not that we actually have winter in Arizona.

Yeah wtf, it’s cold as hell here in NJ too. It reached 56 the other day and now we get this crap.

Yeah, it’s been similar here in Northern Indiana.

Clear skies. Probably 19-21°C (70°F)

It’s fall in Chile, correct? That means you have winter coming, heh?

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Hell yeah xD

But here in Northern Chile, it’s always sunny. The worst weather we can have is…a cloudy day with 14°C (roughly 40-45°F)

How bad would everyone panic if, against all logic, you got 3 inches of snow? xD

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Well, when it “rains” (just dew), we have power outages. Since Antofagasta is located in the driest desert in the world, rain here is quite rare. Snow surely would be madness.

In Punta Arenas (southern Chile), that’s quite frequent. Winters with -10°C n’stuff.

It’s finally getting warmer. To those whom live in warmer climates, I’m jealous of you, to those whom love the winter, well simply put, ■■■■ you.


70 today. Pushing 80 tomorrow. Could be the end of a long winter but it’s not unheard of to get snow still in the first half of April.

Hot and sunny, like normal. Welcome to Arizona. I’d guess right now is about 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Not too bad.