HP Regen Investigation + Hearty Son of Aplia

I don’t believe there was a topic about HP Regen specifically, especially now that HP Regen has been buffed. The main objective for investigating HP Regen was to do The Hearty Son of Aplia lore challenge for Montana. I intended to write this topic in the Montana section, but who the heck goes there frequently or at all, right?

For the injector, I somehow sold the one with the surviving for 3 minutes effect. Regen when shield is down is just as good in this case only though since your burn through your shield anyway. With the appropriate helix options (9hp/s regen the higher the heat + self-dmg when firing past maximum overheat). The tests conducted were about holding down the fire button for a specified period of time in order to rack up damage on Montana. The times taken are from the moment of the first tick of damage until the specified time.

Loadout 1:

As you can see with this build, you get 28hp/s + 9hp/s from helix for a total of 37hp/s with 14% heal power and 21.8% healing received (37hp/s @ half hp).
I conducted 3 tests with this build: w/ drone, 5 mins w/o drone, 12 mins w/o drone. This was done with Montana at Lv9 with 300 shield and 370X HP (forgot to write it down, but it is irrelevant).

The drone test showed 13824 damage taken within 5 minutes or 46.1 DPS. I used a hold left click macro for 5 minutes which might not have been 5 minutes. Your ability to survive this sustained action was none, you’d die in another minute or two. I did another test on the next life with another healing drone and I only managed to take 7390 damage within about 2 minutes. Base regen @ half hp was 37.8 with the drone bumping it up to 53.8.

The second test and third test were without the drone for a duration of 5 mins and 12 mins. During the 5 minute test the damage taken amounted to 11370 or 37.9 DPS. During the 12 minute test the damage taken amounted to 27050 or 37.6 DPS. Health Regen was bouncing between 30.8 and 37.8 @ half hp.

Loadout 2:

The goal of this loadout was to experiment without the heal power and the extra healing recieved, but with flat HP regen. Potential 35hp/s + 9hp/s (helix) for a total of 44hp/s @ half hp.

As with the first loadout, the same 3 tests were conducted, this time without half-assing the drone one.

The drone test showed 18128 damage taken or 60.4 DPS for a duration of 5 minutes. At half hp, the regen reached 44hp/s at half hp and 60.3hp/s with the drone healing you. Unable to survive for a couple more minutes after this.
In conclusion of the drone testing, the drone increases your damage taken for whatever reason; when it heals you it stops your HP from decreasing and heals you for about 10-20HP possibly due to the healing received effect from your gear; it is impossible to survive by holding down the fire button for any amount of time. The drone only delays your death.

With the second and third tests for 5 minutes and 12 minutes respectively without the drone assisting you, a similar result occurred as with the first loadout. At the 5 minute mark 11330 damage was taken or 37.7 DPS. The 12 minute test showed 27150 damage taken or 37.8 DPS. With this build more focused on flat regen, Montana’s HP was constantly at full health (spiking between 36XX and 370X) and shields depleted.
In conclusion about this test and the test in the first loadout was that 37.8 HP/second is enough to survive indefinitely without a drone assisting you. With 9HP/s from the helix, you only need 28.8 HP/second or 28 HP/second regen on your loadout to survive for the full duration of the mission at Lv9. I assume it is the same at Lv6 which is the bare minimum since your gear does not change and only the Lv5 and Lv6 helix has any impact on damage being taken.

As a side note: I have done another test on Void’s Edge with a drone and Wolf healing you. 100 hp/s regen is possible with a drone and the wolf sentry, it will heal your HP by a couple hundred (300? iirc) during the 30s but once that stops, you start racking up damage again.

For the “The Hearty Son of Aplia” lore challenge, at 37.8 DPS @ damage taken, needing 20 minutes to reach Lv6 as an example, which leaves you with 80 minutes damage taken, 37.8 x 60s x 80m = 181440 damage taken in 80 minutes. You can further increase this number to about 281k if you do this on The Sentinel with the help of spikes at 10-12 lives and then farming with your minigun until time nearly runs out and suiciding during your last life. It is probably faster with another player simply reviving your over and over at the spikes or during a PVP match @ 70-80k? per match. I did not want to bother others for this lore challenge, so this is mostly intended for solo players.

God I hate playing Montana.

I’m just going to say that Heal Power and healing received have no effect on Health Regen because it doesn’t count as healing.
If you want to maximize health regen this is the gear I would use:

  • Eldrid or LLC blue health regen

  • Purple Eldrid Damage reduction or Blissbeast Skull plate if you want a legendary

  • Then there aren’t that many other good HP regen items for Montana other than that but if you absolutely must have one then I would say veil manipulator is your best bet. I personally hate it as a legendary I see plenty of other people using it.

So essentially this:

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

Note: I would only use two legendaries in PvE because I personally don’t like using Legendary gear with out a zero cost shard generator. This is my preference but you are free to do whatever you want.


So, ik little about Montana except how to effectively kill him and his helices, so idk what all this means exactly, but it seems like you can do the lore challenge while never doing anything but shooting, which is great I think

By his math it would still take over six hours of nothing but getting to level six in a game and shooting until the server closes.

It’s easier to get one person to revive you from the spikes on the sentinel several times over as each drop trap does 10,000 damage.

Ah okay, I thought it involved regening damage. Good to know, thanks

I have stated at the end that I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with trying to revive me on spikes and that it is in fact easier to have someone revive you at spikes than this.
Also the spike damage varies between 6000, 6400, and 10000 for whatever reason.

As far as the health regen gear you linked, one of them is a damage reduction gear. The complete opposite of what is needed here. Also it caps at 37.8 for what is needed here, no need to go overboard.

Also you are assuming there is 0 damage taken for the 1 million. That’s just impossible if you do the other challenges first.

I’ve helped more than a few people with lore challenges and I’m sure that many people would help out not considering it a waste of time. I spent an hour helping a friend with ISIC’s minion kills back when it was 250 not 10. (funny story, they changed it one week after we got it.)

Just giving some stuff for if people want a regen build in PvE as the best way to do this is just playing Montana and you would be taking more damage than just the 37.8 from feeling the burn.

That’s where the six hours came from yes but even if you are half way done it’s still 3 hours.


Not trying to antagonize you, just replying to some points.

All of my friends have either quit or only do PVP. To them it is a waste of time. This post was intended for solo players as previously stated. Won’t give any remarks about the PC playerbase as that’s for other topics.

3 hours for 500k damage is not that bad considering that’s about 2 full length matches. Assuming you make it to spikes with a friend with ~8 lives for example, each life lasting about 3-4 without timing out. That’s about 240k-320k (full 10k/spike), so about 2 matches. 144k-192k (6k/spike) if you go by the lower spike damage value. Definitely easier with a friend for sure, just an issue of finding such a friend.
From my match history for both loadouts, I’ve racked up 500k damage total for both missions.

Same here.

Just needed to clarify since I sometimes come off as aggressive / passive-aggressive when typing.

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I understand that more than you think. I’ve pissed off a lot of people due to simple misunderstandings since text can’t express emotion or tone very well compared to actually speaking. If you were on PS4 I would offer help with this or other lore that can be boosted with two people but I assume you’re on PC. You might be able to get help in the future by posting something in the PC Co-op section but I don’t know how quickly you will get a response. I’ve helped some people that posted help for Benedict’s lore (the tour) in the PS4 Co-op section.

The Montana damage lore is the only lore I need until they release the 30th Battleborn. I’ve certainly tried the Steam forums and Battleborn groups, but to no luck. It’s also completely different in terms of activity than first 2 months from launch. Just thought I’d post my findings related to HP regen and Montana while I was doing the lore.

I’m about 240k damage away from completion, so about 1 more match. Besides, the longer the match goes on for, the more XP you get (especially with the double XP event).

I don’t know, I got the challenge just by playing… And using tge spikes to make some Quick damage spunds a little risky since you bounce all around and stuff.

A good way off quickly progress with a little help, without wasting someone elses time is having an Alani with heal buff helices and create osmosis with riptide and +3 seconds duration.

You ask why? Simple.

The heal 800 HP with one ise of well spring lore of Alani. To do this, the person that gets healed needs to have lost more than 800 HP or it won’t count.

By the way OMs Bullets shot challenge was way more annoying in my opinion.

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We’re talking about the spike traps that crush you not the spinning blades. They do up to 10,000 damage and you just need someone to revive you and then just stand in the spike traps path again.

And I know that the best way to get it is just by playing him but this is for people that want to boost it because they don’t like to play Montana. I got it just by playing him in PvE missions while farming for legendary gear.

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Insta death doesn’t count, or else you could just jump off a cliff.

Also the Timing off reviving gets harder and even if it counts you have only 1/2 HP after the revive…

Better not focus too much on it, and play Montana till you get it.

It’s not instant death. It’s just massive damage (usually 10,000 to be exact). It’s actually possible to survive it with enough DR and HP. It doesn’t matter how much Health you have it still adds 10,000 damage to the damage taken. I’ve seen this by paying attention to the damage taken bar during games while looking at the score. It’s possible to boost this lore much faster than just playing Montana normally.

Also[quote=“hanautaBOB, post:15, topic:1550016”]
Better not focus too much on it, and play Montana till you get it.

I’ve already said I’ve finished this lore.

It took me 30+ PVE missions to get it by normal playing.

The spike traps that fall down on you in The Sentinel count towards damage taken. Usually damage taken is 6000 or 10000 with each death. Falling off the cliff does not count as you have said. The reason the spike trap counts towards damage taken is because it deals damage to you in order to kill you, which is usually the set amount of 6000 or 10000. I don’t know why the damage varies between the two.

As far as reviving someone at the trap and the revive timing getting shorter, that was covered in a previous post here, it is also the preferred method for accruing damage as well as easy to find when searching for ways to easily take damage for Montana’s lore. Just not an option for a solo player.

Also I really hate playing as Montana. I have not touched him in the beta nor for 6 months after BB release until it was time to complete his lore.

It’s actually possible to survive 2 spike traps falling down on you in a row using your ultimate ability. The 3rd fall kills you. The total damage taken from the trap 3 traps total when I experimented with that was 11500 damage.


Really? It can hit 6000? Kelvin can survive that. Actually, Kelvin can survive anything but a fall technically, but I think even a properly managed Monty could carefully enough live through that
EDIT: Ninja answered

I’ve once gotten Kelvin to 20,000 + Hp by taking advantage of infinitely spawning enemies on the Archive.

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