Hp regeneration on moze

I continue to use a bloodletter class mod and some questions come to mind
Is Fl4k s shared hp regeneration not compatible with the class mod?
The recent Moze skill tree fix altered redistribution and Rushing offensive to have hp regeneration and life steal do this effects work while wearing this class mod?

Don’t know about Fl4k BFFs, but yes to the other skills working for Bloodletter.

Rushing Offensive is very with Bloodletter because you can easily refill a massive shield with a few shots, depending on the weapon you’re using. It lets you run any shield you like as well, so there’s no longer any need to rely on a Transformer or a BBB.

Well I was testing with a loaded die and the bloodletter insted of the deadless so I tested the hp regen of redistribution and It was the hp was filling not shield
What is this? a bug?
Can someone clarify
Wasn’t the bloodletter letter you only regen shield instead of hp?

Idk the why but I’ve seen people say it heals both shield and health

You should better read properties of class mod , bloodleter converts all healing to shield but regeneration applies on both shield and health.