HTC Vive Support soon?

Is it VR coming out for Homeworld Remastered?
Looks like there is a new headset support on the STEAM store.

Yeah, I saw some people on the steam forums also mentioning this.

That would be pretty awesome, but a big part of me doubts it.

Sort of like how for a while, the meta critic reviews for HWr were pointing towards the old cataclysm. Weird becauer this game has good ratings anyway. :neutral_face:

That’s weird. Maybe it’s just a generic icon on anything that isn’t explicitly incompatible with VR?

No, you have to explicitly flag a thing as VR compatible and specify the headset in the Steam back end.

It’s kind of hard to do it by accident, too.

There might be an internal test branch that they’re playing with and wanted to show the Valve guys, but ultimately might not release it.

Well, then we have a couple of options to consider here.

  • They are quietly hard at work on this feature and other support as they said they were.

  • They purposely put it as VR support to garner more sales as an honest “mistake”. (Nothing wrong with healthy cynicism)

This would be a perfect example of a GBX representative jumping in and providing information to their customers.

At times, I feel like more of a custy than a customer when it comes to gbx.

Update: Looks like some people have tried it and it definitely does not work, it should not be on the steam store page then. It can be misleading.

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Well that is weird at least confusing to have not clear info about it.

Someone was able to run in VR and I don’t see how GBX wouldn’t consider in doing so. Below an interesting and very informative reading with video as well regarding HR in VR.

Just wondering if anyone at GBX could clarify it.

Is it possible to play Homeworld in VR or is just for passive viewing?


Hey silver!

VR currently appears to be in development: Could a dev give us a status update regarding outstanding bugs?

No word yet on if/when it will be released and what you could do with it.

In development… kinda like HwRM’s balancing and fixes?

No thanks on VR for the time being… no sense bringing in a new feature to unfinished artwork.

Honestly, this feels a bit like a slap to the face.

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Thanks Cloaked
it’s very confusing having the VR headset advertised on a store for purchase and find out that the game is not VR ready.
It’s not going to help with any future sales if the advertised product doesn’t function as advertised.
I hope GBX is going to make an informative communication to his customers, at least this will help clarify their intention to any potential buyers

Having a bad case of deja vu here.

Actually it does help, imagine how many suckers bought the game thinking it was VR capable. Whoops.

Some checked the steam forums and here before they decided though. Damn! Almost had 'em. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As mentioned in private to many of you the ironic aspect of it all Gearbox actually very very very close to finishing HWR and making it production ready out of beta fairly stable release.

3-5 bug fixes and that is it from where i see it. Sure network layer crashes from time to time but not very often. I feel (no sarcasm) that is completely acceptable to restart game once or twice and be in business when hosting 6-8 people games.

Just a few more bugs GBX and we are actually there that is it, i dont see tremendous amounts of bugs coming in.

VR support is im certain very cool feature however i was hoping an efforts would be made to fix few last bugs and take beta off the label when the game start and that is it.

In short feels as GBX ran marathon with this game, 100 mile marathon and we just have 3-5 more miles run we’re at the finish line, would be kinda sad to run out of air now. :wink:

Cmon guys you’ve been doing stellar job until now please dont stop, pretty please. :slight_smile:


yea personally this disappoints me as i (my opinion) see no real purpose for VR in an rts game like hw… as @CryCoh said, it is something thats basically added to an already unfinished product… i hope gbx really fixes the game first b4 adding in unneeded features altho VR may sound cool for hw but the game needs to work at it’s core b4 throwing on an attachment :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love possible new features. I love how they are still working on the game? Maybe? I am really enjoying what has been revived and reworked.

Regardless, I dislike the utter lack of communication. It is almost to the point of disdain for ones customers. There are few situations where lack of communication is warranted, like in national security matters. It is probably not true for video game development.

They removed HWR from the HTC category on steam.

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So it was a “mistake” it seems, or prematurely put there.

…mm, might have been just testing or they heard us

Yee, I noticed you have been very active on the topic here and on steam, always good to be vocal about what you feel strongly.
Hopefully we’ll see some light from GBX

Hmmmmm, it does seem a bit luxurious of me to spend time on it though.

I’m giving it some more time. Time > money, for me anyway.

Personally, it boils down to me paying money for a product that I would like to see finished and the time I have spent providing feedback, extolling the virtues of such a quintessential space combat RTS, and countering negative baseless commentary.

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