HUD and Crosshair issues on Oculus quest 2

I’m really enjoying this blast from the past in VR and have only encountered one major issue regarding the HUD and crosshairs being misaligned. The crosshair in particular is off to the right of where the bullets land (see video). This effect is much more pronounced using the oculus link cable than with virtual desktop. With oculus link, the HUD and crosshair are severely misaligned and the game believes that I am using an Oculus Rift HMD. With virtual desktop, the game believes that I am using a Vive (or Valve Index) HMD and the HUD and crosshair is only misaligned by about 4 degrees (making the game playable). Does anyone know how to change the ‘yaw’ or ‘X’ value of the HUD’s position? I just need the crosshair to be a little the left to make my gaming experience perfect.

Video: Borderlands 2 VR Crosshair & HUD misaligned - YouTube


Same problem here on oculus quest 2

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