HUD Queue toggle problems

Hey, this seems to plague the first person games as well:

The build/research queue on the upper left shows only the mothership the first time you hit it, and you have to hit it again to show your carrier. Also, every time a carrier is created or destroyed, it resets to simply showing your mothership. In multiplayer games with 1v1 computer I noticed the key does not work at all and it has to be toggled with the mouse, as well as showing the above problem.

Ya I can confirm that me and my buddies are having this same problem too. The Build Que also resets to just show the mothership when a shipyard or battlecruiser are built.

Yes yes, it’s not a small problem to be honest, that queue info is a very useful thing. It doesn’t matter how many Carriers I have, it resets to show only my Mothership/Flagship several times per match and it often hides my research progress. That shouldn’t happen.

Yup, I posted this bug in my long list in the bug super thread the first day or so.