Hud removal glitch, PERFECT FOR SCREENSHOTS!

I have found a way to remove your hud in game, here are a few examples from supercharge maps.
(thanks for helping me out with the screenshots oobface @oob)

Battleborn looks so good and more of these are definitely needed; a photo mode should have been included in the base game in my opinion.

Now to explain how it’s done,
I have achieved this by changing the video quality between 1080p and 4k just as the match is about to finish loading. That means having the changed setting save right after character select at the exact moment that “BATTLEBORN” is flashed on the screen for a few seconds. When you press the button to view your gear (left on the d pad for ps4) all of your hud will be removed so long as you are pressing the button. If you release the button your hud will come back, press it again to remove it. WARNING: You can still activate gear, but doing so will remove the ability to remove your hud for the rest of the game.

I’ll add a video guide to the post if anyone has problems doing it.

Post your creations below! Thank you and your welcome!


This is pretty f*cking awesome, dude. I’m going to try this out on Monday or Tuesday, if i can; I’m assuming you need a 4K TV, unfortunetely…

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Neat +1


No 4k tv or ps4 pro needed, I just tried doing by switching between 1080p 30fps and 1080p 60fps and it works.

One extra thing for anyone getting 4k screenshots, if you send a 4k image through playstation messages it downgrades it 1080p, so you’ll need get it off your playstation using a usb if you want to keep it in 4k.

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Thanks, man. I can’t wait to make some Toby “art”, haha.

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@lowlines you might be interested in this.

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I was literally like “holy ■■■■ can’t wait to try th-” and then I remembered and I got a little sad

Does this only work on PS4, or can it be done on Xbone as well?

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I’d think that it would work as it does not involve dashbording or anything, but please share your results if you test it.

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@beya !!!

I wonder if this also works on PC :smiley:

Tried it out on PC- couldn’t get to work because the video settings are different… Tried on PS4, couldn’t get to work at first either. After trying again and I realized the problem was that I waited too long to switch the rendering mode (as the instructions were a little unclear). You shouldn’t let the match load completely before changing the settings, but instead go to the Options while while the Battleborn are jumping on the VS screen and then change the rendering mode.

Then when in the match by pressing left on the D-Pad as if to activate gear the HUD disappears. Sadly you can’t taunt/attack like this but if you activate the teleport animation before pressing left you can still get pretty cool shots.

(PS4 screenshot)

Once I got the hang of it I attempted it on PC again, a little sceptical because the settings are so different. I changed the window mode to Fullscreen, and during the VS screen changed the resolution and… it worked! I switched back to 1920x1080 after I had confirmed the HUD disappears by pressing 2. In my opinion it’s much easier to take shots on PC, but again, the poses for your character are pretty limited, but still very cool!! Thanks so much for sharing this trick!

(PC screenshot)

To recap here’s what you do:

  1. Start a match (only got it to work in PvP)
  2. While on the VS screen go to Options
  3. If on PS4 change the rendering mode, if on PC change resolution (while in Fullscreen mode)
  4. When in-game activating gear menu makes your HUD disappear.

(On PC peeps had found out anoter way to glitch the HUD out, I’ve unfortunately forgotten how to do that one, but this one is much easier IIRC.)

EDIT: Apparently this should trigger the glitch as well, haven’t tested it myself but worth a try!


Nemo and I figured out a work around for that. Load up a game with a friend. Your friend goes Deande and will be the one taking screen shots. If Deande’s back is to a wall the camera will go over her head when she does the teleport animation. You can than take a picture of scenery or someone taunting with no hud or hands in the way


I have to try this. Some of these screenshots would make pretty neat wallpapers.

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Mind if I joined you for that? Would be quite happy to get some myself as well, primarily on Supercharge maps. But that requires someone else, so I can’t do that solo.

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Sure thing. I’d like to get some screenshots from Horizon too. I always liked the aesthetics of that map.

The Experiment is gorgeous too!
This should be a feature.