HUD scale broken on 1920x1080

I am playing on 1920x1080 on 21.5 inch monitor. I am having troubles with the HUD scale. I can barely see the icons and digits on the hud (size 1) like the number of ships in the stack at bottom-left. If I increase it to size 2 I can see fine but then all the other icons become horrid. Gearbox, please fix this.
Screenshot hud size 1:
Screenshot hud size 2:


I have the same problem, bottom-left part of the UI is too small. I can’t see ship icons.

I was going to create a thread on this myself but XerX beat me to it. I’m surprised it wasn’t created earlier to be frank as it’s almost impossible to read the quantity of ships selected at the bottom left and even increasing the HUD size by just one setting enlargens everything to absurd sizes.

The design of the ship icons in the bottom left panel also makes it difficult to differentiate between different ships of similar class which costs you dearly when you quickly need to select a specific type from a group to counter a threat.

If the text size in the bottom left panel could be increased and the ship icons could be made a little clearer it would help a great deal.

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Yeah, agree, I have the same resolution. It looks like the shift from scale 1 to 2 is waaaaay too steep.

think most of the ppl here are playing in Full HD / or something about. (myself 1920x1200 on a 24")

the attack icons on the lower right are ok

main problem is the size of the ship icons - and even they are bigger, u have to make a difference in type of logos, symbols etc. even they are bigger, in a big group selection with 8-12 different type of ships, it is impossible to pick out. the need to be bigger, should have pictogrames that people will remember and see at the first second - maybe color signs?

  • white = ressource collectors and all the hippi ■■■■
  • light green = scouts / interceptors
  • dark green = corvettes
  • yellow = frigattes
  • red = big boys
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Same problem.

I have the same problem. I play on 23" Full HD monitor. If I select HUD size 1, I can’t read ship count in lower left of the screen. If I select HUD size 2 it is waaay too big.

Same problem here. Hud scale 1 has ship icons that are too small to see, even the quantities can barely be read. Hud scale 2 makes these icons readable, but then everything else is too big.

Gearbox, please fix… perhaps something in the middle of sizes 1 and 2 would be nice.

I created a thread a couple of days ago saying the same thing about 3440 x 1440: Can you adjust the HUD Size (for 3440x1440)?

I must admit I assumed HUD1 must be fine @1080p, HUD2 probably fine @4K and it was just us using 1440 that had a problem. Seems not! It’s borked for just about all!

Yeah, same here. I registered a support request for it too.

I just turn off all that info and use hotkeys.

Same issue here with same resolution. Easy fix would be to add more HUD size options. At least twice as many.
Also, only size 1 and 2 are usable. 3 and 4 are insanely large, are these for 4k resolution by any chance?
Either way, add one more size please inbetween every number. Like 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5~~
Or give us a HUD size slider in Options from 0-100 that scales with resolution. Way better :ok_hand:

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No way 3 & 4 are needed for 4K. 8K or 16K maybe :smile: 'cos there’s a big customer base with 16K displays :wink:

+1 please make the ship icons twice as big on each of the HUD sizes. Scale 1 is fine for 1080p, but Ship icons are way too small!!!

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I think that UI could be a bit sharper as well. On my 1920x1080 Screen units and game in general look sharp but UI looks somewhat blurry. If it was sharper it may have been easier to tell which units we have grouped and how many.

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+1 Me too. Further, the unlocked builds and locked builds in the Build menu are too similar. It’s hard to tell them apart. Maybe use a different color or make one brighter and the other darker?