HUD Scale Slider Missing

I just picked this up on steam and I can’t seem to find the HUD Scale option. I know Borderlands 2 had the option so I was wondering if it is just absent from 3 or if I just glazed over it in my 20 in the options menu looking for it.

posted by Zer0 on steam.

+1 for this, I was really shocked when I have bought bounty of blood and started it. WTF is this huuge HUD? ahh they removed the option.

I created a ticket for this and they said they added the issue to their bug fix list. So hopefully should be fixed in upcoming hotfix or patch maybe?

This UI scale removal is offensive.

Now evereything is huge and is obstructring screen.

Boom! New update, you have the option to change the HUD size, but it doesn’t do anything. What a bummer!