Hud scaling still broken

It’s been months now since it was broken, removed, re-added, and it still doesn’t work, WTF?
Seriously, this is just pathetic at this point…


Week later, still broken…

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week? it’s broken for 5 months.
as mj said - they don’t really care about us :\


So sad that they’ll never fix that…

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is it fixed?
i don’t want to install again b3 just for checking…

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after new patch?

Still broken

yeap, still broke. but hey, let’s go spend $30 more on the expansion…

which, i will lol. because it’s a great game. i just wish this were fixed, because it worked when i got the game. and then it just didnt one day. lame.

i actually mentioned this to Randy Pitchford in a tweet and he “liked” the tweet… so i dont know whats going on… but i need that option back!

nearly a year later and still not fixed. but hey, dont forget to pre-order their new game…

actually, it’s not even broken anymore, they just removed that option from the game again. is that their idea of fixing something, removing it from the game.

do something gearbox…

HUD is too big… its horrible experience.