Hud scaling still broken

It’s been months now since it was broken, removed, re-added, and it still doesn’t work, WTF?
Seriously, this is just pathetic at this point…


Week later, still broken…

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week? it’s broken for 5 months.
as mj said - they don’t really care about us :\


So sad that they’ll never fix that…

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is it fixed?
i don’t want to install again b3 just for checking…

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after new patch?

Still broken

yeap, still broke. but hey, let’s go spend $30 more on the expansion…

which, i will lol. because it’s a great game. i just wish this were fixed, because it worked when i got the game. and then it just didnt one day. lame.

i actually mentioned this to Randy Pitchford in a tweet and he “liked” the tweet… so i dont know whats going on… but i need that option back!