Huge Crash lost level 55 siren

Yeah,no support anymore for this game,fix the ■■■■■■■ game,crashed,corrupted my file lost a level 55 on UVHM gone nada ■■■■■■■ gone. SO ■■■■■■■ PISSED!

calm down bro , we all had it happen at some point at certain games alright, just go through the process of lost real quick and understand you can get everything back with a few click with a magic tool

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Magic tool?

Let’s not get into discussions of things that violate forum rules, please.

@WitchersInc - not sure what platform you’re on. You can sometimes recover a lost character if you act quickly, but the details are highly platform specific.

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I own it on both xbox one x and PS4 pro. All good taking a break from it anyway. Have a great day and stay safe.

So for future reference: if you have cloud sync (always on for XB1) and you experience a crash that might have corrupted a save file, pull the internet connection, delete the local save game, and then reconnect and sync from cloud. The goal is to get the file replaced before the system goes and syncs the corrupted file back up to the cloud. On PS4 you can also make your own backups on USB. (I’d do that on XB1 if the stupid thing let me.)

Yeah, this happened to me too some days ago on the PS4 version of the Handsome Collection where I lost a level 31 Zer0 – the Borderlands games are weirdly crash-prone for some reason, 3 in particular – although this is the first time it’s lead to save file corruption – and far as I remember, always when the game is loading up a new region. Wasn’t a very high level character, so it wasn’t a huge loss, so I guess you could say the lesson it taught me is “use the online save upload feature from time to time”. I mean… doing this took a couple of minutes at most for all three releases, so it’s not like this is a huge, time-consuming ordeal either. Yeah, it shouldn’t be necessary, but… well… the bigger and more complicated games get, I guess.