Huge FPS drops on mission 13

I went from stable 60fps I had in previous missions to stable 22 fps, tanking down to 8 when my ships start shooting at the Junkyard Dog. Lowering down graphic settings don’t seem to do much, only a couple fps more.

What’s up with that? I’m sitting on i5 750 8 GB RAM, GTX 560.

I had a similar strange problem. My system can handle the game with medium graphics but sometimes when I select a large group of ships (fighters) there is a lot of lag. Strange because most of the time this dont happen, but some times it does.

BTW how can you tell the FPS of the game?

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, other than that I don’t know what could cause it.


They’re up to date.

Someone on Steam forums said it might be a scripting issue and restarting previous mission and replaying it might fix it. I don’t have time to play HW atm, I’ll test it in a couple of days.

Ah okay, it’ll be interesting to know if this is the case.