Huge list of stuff for Amara and Fl4k up for trading

Looking For the Following:
Recurring Hex 50 Corrosive/Cryo/Shock/Fire ASE
Its Piss 50 Corrosive/Cryo/Fire ASE
Redistributors 100 ASE, 100 Rakk ASE, or 250 Phasecast ASE
Layuda Fire/Corrosive/Shock 100 Rakk ASE
Faisor Cryo/Corrosive/Shock 100 Rakk ASE
Cutsman Shock/Fire 100 Rakk ASE
Kings / Queens Call 100 Rakk ASE
Amazing Grace 100 Rakk ASE

What i have to trade:
300 Phaseslam weapons
Raisens Thorns
SkekSil Fire
Venomous Hornet
Pestilence Radiation
The Duc
Queens Call Corrosive
Kings Call Fire
Trick Unforgiven(432)
Redestributor Corrosive
Crossroad Fire/Corrosive
Lucians Call Cryo
DP laser sploder Shock
Super Shredifier Corrosive
Molten The Dictator
Redundant Face puncher
Stuffed Quadomizer
Shrieking Devil
Burning Flakker
Recursion corrosive/rad
Annexed Vicoius Layuda Fire

250 Phasecast Weapons
Cutsman Corrosive/Fire/Shock
Crossroad Corrosive/Fire/Shock/Radiation
SkekSil Fire/Corrosive
Kybs Worth Corrosive/Cryo
Cloud Kill
Layuda Fire(2 diffrent 1 with more magsize)/Cryo/Corrosive
Infinity Cryo
Bone Shredder
Stuffed Shredded Lump Corrosive(x2)
Redistributor Radiation
Venomous Hornet
The Dictator Shock(x6)/Corrosive(x3)
Redundant Savy Phebert Shock
Shrieking Devil
Recursion Shock/rad
Lucians Call Cryo/corrosive
Molten Faisor
Damned Shock/Cryo

Gamma Burst:
Rowans Call Radiation
Molten Faisor
Lucians Call Fire/Cryo
Crossroad Radiation
Cutsman Shock/Fire
The Hive
Kings Call Fire
The Flakker
Recursion Shock/Cryo

Rakk Attack:
Rowans Call Fire
Kings Call Fire
Engulfing Faisor
Cutsman Corrosive
Gatling Gun
SkekSil Shock
Cocky Flakker

Might have missed some stuff here so feel free to ask and i check if i have it.

Got all Transformers with diffrent ASE elements
and a loads of weapons with 100 ASE
laods of diffrent artifacts and shields and that terror stuff aswell.
Got good class mods for aswell for fl4k and amara dont have the patiance to list em all so if there is anything special just ask and ill check =)

I have this hex are you interested?

Is the molten Dictator anointed?

I have reoccurring hex with grenage regen for most elements apart from fire… Which I really want as well.

everything is anointed, if you look closer it says 300slam 250 phasecast on top of each list :wink: but sorry i only need recurring hexes with 50% elemental on action skill end.