Huge Map, Disappointingly Empty (Spoilers)

I’m at Eden-6, Floodmoor Basin.

Huge, beautiful, lush map.

Got excited.

But…it’s just…empty…the occasional vehicle…I killed Indo Tyrant…haven’t seen a single non-vehicle, non-dinosaur enemy yet, and I’ve explored a good chunk of the map.

Why aren’t there indigenous mobs or at least CoV all over the place?

What a letdown…

People told me to look forward to the fights on this world, too!


EDIT: I miss SpiderAnts!

there are a few things happen there, but it’s mainly a hub. some of the other maps leading off it are much more interesting and full of action.


@DaRTH_FuRioN that’s good to know, thank you!

your right though. its such a big map, there is lots of dead space. but that’s this game, too much dead space and over doing it. they fleshed it out a bit too much imho. some maps that are big work better as they are liner. think back to B2, The Bloodshots was a classic map. The Dust was fairly dead, but it had some areas that you’d want to revisit. I’ll never go to some of the maps in this game ever.



100 percent agree, sadly.

I think it’s the way it is because of a certain vehicle-related side quest. If there were mobs everywhere on the main route, the side quest would be impossible. As it is, there are some great mobs in specific areas off the main path. But as @DaRTH_FuRioN said - get in to some of the connected maps, and it can be pretty intense.

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I know the exact quest to which you refer.

I’ll work my way further through and keep you guys updated!

There’s jabbers in a few places, an occasional cov badass… but yeah, not much vehicle combat.

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