Huge performance and FPS issues

I have Tried many attempts to fix my borderlands 2, with with no luck i have run out of ideas on how to fix my Borderlands 2… I really am in need of help now…

Operating system: Windows 10 x64
Motherboard: GA-78LMT-S2P
Processor: AMD FX™-6100 Six-Core
GPU: Nvidia GTX-960

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Did you check through this thread (note conclusion at end):

There’s other tips here:

Steam Overlay and Windows Fast Start have also been mentioned as sources of problems:

If there’s nothing there you haven’t already tried, you can always try filing an official support ticket with Gearbox:

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None of these are of any use to me. i Read all 3 and the first one resolved his problem, but appears to be using a laptop. which does not benefit me in the slightest. the 2nd link doesnt even have any replies. so thats no help either. and the 3rd one actually has the chance to reach a semi high fps. whereas im permenantly stuck at a low FPS. thank you but none of those links helped at this time.

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But are the suggestions in the OP helpful at all, or are they all things you’ve tried? I know the poster, and those were all things that had helped others; he just put them all in one place.

If not, then I would strongly recommend filing a support ticket (if you haven’t already done so)

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A little more detail would be much appreciated.

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I have found a fix for my problem. i dont know why or what. but “Orochi-CEG” made my game start working again. Back upto 100+fps May be because of my processor/bios. As a few people with the same Processor had this issue aswell.

It turns out our BIOS just isnt upto date. and so Valve/CEG protection is causing massive FPS issues on some games. And rather than updating my BIOS. (as i dont trust myself or anyone else) I thought id give “Orochi-CEG” ago and to my suprise my game now runs at 100+fps. After the first Launch i got about 1-2hr’s into it and the game crashed making me lose the progress i had made within the past 30 minutes or so. But the second launch ran fine. I hope this helps anyone else who has run out of ideas. (I would highly recommend this as a Semi-Last choice though)

Thanks you guys for your Help atleast. :slight_smile:


Glad you got it up and running!

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I wonder if the issue with CEG protection goes back down to Phenom processors… My phenom had trouble with Borderlands 2 as well on Windows 10 when it was good enough to manage hitting my 75FPS refresh rate on Windows 7 with only decent hardware.

So, I’ve gotten back into Borderlands 2 with a friend recently, and I’d been looking into ways I could increase my framerate based on my knowledge of the ini files. Basically, aside from lowering very obvious things, nothing really got me to stick at a high framerate in the problem areas. But, Orochi-CEG sounds interesting, I may try it, though I don’t know if my FX-8350 will benefit from it. That’s a good find, and I may have an update to make on that really old thread of mine.

This part slightly concerns me, but if it works, it works.


Have you seen any issues with saves not happening on your rig? Seems to be a bit of an epidemic for that on Win10 right now.

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Nope. Didn’t realize that was an actual issue. Not sure where to begin looking for why, but I actually have Windows UAC disabled so that I can run my older games (Jedi Knight 2 and such can’t run when it’s enabled whatsoever). Maybe it’s related to that?

I just tested the Orochi-CEG thing, and I got good results, but they were kind of all over the place, and hard to figure out what was going on to improve performance in certain situations and when it would not change anything at all. Like, the Badass Crater of Badassitude still runs at about 56FPS overlooking it from the spawn area down past the vending machines, no change to FPS inside of it either, but then I tried Sanctuary, which has some notorious spots for bad framerate, and most of those hit 75FPS, but I was getting some really inconsistent frame pacing while moving around, it’d jitter around 70-75FPS almost randomly. There were also a few spots there that dropped to about 68, but that’s still a huge improvement from going down to the 45-ish zone before. And then I tested Bloodshot Sanctuary last. Only dropped frames in combat, and only down to 64 in one single spike, due to a lot of explosions happening at once.

I suspect map optimization may have an effect on this, depending on the methods used to optimize (or seeming lack thereof). I think UE3 still has area portals and antiportals and all of that, which have 2 completely different methods of culling actors (with antiportals being more costly).

So, it seems to work somewhat, there’s just not a consistent pattern to what’s causing it to drop below 75FPS when it didn’t on Windows 7 with much worse hardware. And what also confuses me is why this is helping me when Piledriver was supposed to fix the issues that Bulldozer had, and the fact that I’ve updated my bios about 2 weeks ago. This shouldn’t have helped in this situation, and yet it did.

And something else relevant is that they updated DirectX9 to support more than 4064MB of VRAM again somewhat recently. No idea if this has caused any additional complications or benefitted Borderlands 2, but it’s at least worth noting that it changed and caused Skyrim, and possibly more games to have issues.