HUGE performance gain

i have been playing since day 1 PC gtx 1060 3gb vram

as of last patch i am experiencing dramatically reduced stutter and menu lag. i can snipe even better now!

thank you gearbox it should have been as good day 1. but i am still glad we are moving to the right direction.


Super stoked. The last patch let me play ultra with better efficiency than I previously had on high. So. Really excited to see what today’s brings.

Eden 6 is Rough on my computer :joy:

Would you share your settings - res, scaling, visuals, also CPU?

i don see a point to it but i5 4000sth series 1920x1080 medium except character details high not sure what you mean under scaling. fullscreen borderless 100% i guess?

geforce drivers out oct 22 too…might’ve helped

Same on Ps4 Pro…
Huge performance buff, inventory is so smooth now, and game loading time in much better.