Huge performance Issues

Due to beeing down to about 10 fps i can´t play my beloved game so far. Whatever resolution or setting i am about to change to, it always says that my Hardware won´t fit. That occurs anytime a setting is changed.


XMG Clevo Lapotop P702
12 GB Ram
GF GTX 780 M
1 TB harddrive
Core i7 pretty good one but cant remember the exact name.

i appreciate any hint to solve this huge problem.

Hey, visit this topic: Terrible Performance on High End PCs

wrote down there the moment you posted this. thank you besides that :slightly_smiling:

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I found that DOK automatically uses the integrated graphics card. I forced it to use the dedicated one by launching from rightclick. Still since my card stinks, my fps is not much better. Hope this helps…

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