Huge shout out to BL3 youtuber content creator zKarmaa

YOHB ? (You on here bro) …

If you are , just want to public thank you for continuing to put out great BL3 contents on youtube!.
you are one of the few BL3 content creator on youtube i truely enjoy watching…

keep up the great work man, i love your theorycrafting , it is extremely informative.

check him out on youtube guys if you haven’t yet…


i watched his Boring Math Video. lol

might be boring but it is very informative, math don’t lie. That is of course if you do it correctly lol.

Also he goes and spend time killing a boss 500 times in order to come up with the results for the community to see, which is great i think.

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i am just quoting him, he always says that on his vids.

oh got ya lol… right…

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karma is the only one i am subbed to

aside from joltz -for popular stuff