Human Fireball Through-Wall Kills

Well I did not see a post for this one. While i was playing on “HEART” i was able to spam the human fireball card (when the ability came off of cool down) into a wall and kill the players on the other side and i’m talking about full 360 radius (above,below etc.). Maybe its on other maps too?

I see that thing in 2 games on Heart, i was killed opponents in highground and lowground - we was separated by the wall, but i killing any way

well when i get home tonight im gonna test this on the other maps as well.

At the moment, most of the effects that produce a sphere of influence do not stop when they hit a wall. We have added line-of-sight checks to fix the Rocket Launcher, Detonader, and Excalibur, but for now most of the other things the go boom can still do this. Eventually, we will make sure all explosions try to respect physical barriers.

Word thanks for the reply and update!!!