Humble request to have lootpocalypse extended

First off, a thank you to gear box for this opportunity. I am a new player and seeing events like this make me excited to play and get to farming 8D!

However, this is not the reality for myself, my friends, and many others at the moment. I live in Cali and am in the middle of The “lucifer” storm. For almost the entire day the bay area and central coast have been without power(and many still dont) and Internet has been shotty at best when up at all. Not condusive to play when one session usually lasts at least half an hour (i managed to get on get into a game and got diconnected at the jailor) . So I wondered if maybe, it might be possible to have a mini lootpocalypse extension to possibly sometime next weekend like just saturday. I have no idea if this storm is slowing or just getting started so i dont know if just an extention of it this weekend would work.

I know this might come off as bad form. As i mentioned I am grateful we as a community have this opportunity in general. I recognize this is simply a force a nature that is unfortunate and cannot be helped. But as a new player i was really really hoping to take advantage of this time and farm the gear needed to be able to compete more effectively with peers. From what I can tell we already have a smallish community maybe there are others in the same boat in the same area I am and it could make a difference for them as well. I completely understand if this cannot be done but i figured I would at least ask. Never know if you dont ask right?

Thank you everyone for your time reading this. I hope this can reach someone at GB.