Hunt for rowans call

Need a rowans call. Preferably :zap:. I had one early in the game but i cannot get a level 50 for the life of me. I have all kinds of things to trade.

I have an electric rowans call. Looking for a hex or ghast call thats annointed with ammo Regen on terror

I have an anointed shock rowans call. What’s your PSN?

Hey syentifik, I’m wondering if you have 300% phazeslam or 250% Fearmonger
Cloning ghast call and or anointed ghast call (grenade regeneration after action skill)
Anointed recurring hex grenade ( grenade regeneration after action skill )
If so, please message me on PSN LM_MAGLC
My PSN name is made to look like lM_ MAGlC

I have one too. Would be interested in trading for a shock handsome jackhammer.