Hunt for the Burning Summit (SOLVED!)

Edit: you obtain The Burning Summit Grenade mod by using Tyreen’s Suicide machine on Ambermire about 10-20 times. You will receive one in you inventory and another in your mail box. Note: you can only do this once per character it seems, so you can’t die 100 times and keep farming it on your main character.

(I tested this on 3 characters)


Same here, I saw his video and was like ‘what!?’ Never got one to spawn but I really want one now. I’m going to complete more cov challenges see if that helps.

As far as I know it is supposed to be a mail reward issued in limited number by Gearbox, so unless they decide to send a few more there is no way to get that


Thanks for the info! If this is the case I hope they randomly add it in a seasonal event or just add to the loot pool

I did look for it myself, but never got it. The red text is a reference to 1G, a streamer, who set himself on fire and as I remember, I read somewhere on the internet, that a guy (this time a Borderlands 3 player :'D) set himself on fire and he got the Burning Summit sent in mail. There’s a guy on the forums, who also looked for it in February 2020, he even asked 2K how to obtain it and they said “it’s a random drop, keep grinding for it”.
Here’s the whole thread (last reply in that thread) :

that site has a lot of incorrect or incomplete information, so I’m not sure saying it had limited supply is accurate (as an example, for many purple rarity DLC 4 items, the site says there is no dedicated loot source and they are world drops–100% false–they all drop from the same guy in a side mission (Blackheart King from the mission check please)–so there’s a single dedicated loot source). Sending gear to random people seems like something GB has never done before and you’d think it would have gotten more press (I’d also think content creators like Killer6 would actually know if they somehow randomly received something from GB).

I’ve seen one explanation saying it came from tyreen after being on fire for a certain period of time and not dying. I’ve never tried it, but maybe take a level 65 character, turn mayhem off, then go to somewhere like the droughts and let a low level fire skag breath on you for awhile.

Since it exists, I would like to get it, along with a max level Earworm and Superstreamer (which I forgot to claim from Twitch).

I’ll give this a try when I get a minute.

Lootlemon may have some errors, but most of information is accurate, that seems a best bet to me than some internet rumors, personally I feel that GB coding conditions as complicated as what you say to drop a grenade seems a lot less believable than sending them by mail (and yes they did sent rewards by mail several times, last time was the Christmas double tap). But if you still feel like verifying every rumor, well that’s up to you…

I didn’t suggest the grenade actually drops from an enemy or anything like that. I know it comes from the mail system. The mail with that grenade comes from Tyreen, which logically would mean you did something during the game to earn it (similar to when Moxxi sends rewards for tipping her or doing challenges) rather than gearbox randomly sending to people.

What I said was it didn’t make sense that GB would only send to random people–as far as I know when GB sends something in the name of GB as opposed to something being a reward for doing something, everyone gets it. So yes, GB may have sent the multi tap, but that was by shift code available to every player. Therefore, what I was saying was someone had stated that Tyreen sent them the mail with the grenade as a reward after having been on fire for a certain period of time and not dying–in that respect it’s no different than getting the vibra pulse for completing radio tower challenges.

Coding a game to trigger a reward such as being on fire for a certain period of time is not hard at all–PS trophies and Xbox achievements do that all the time. And even BL 2 had a challenge for standing in a corrosive puddle for 30 seconds and not dying (in the caustic caverns)–if BL2 had a mail system that could certainly generate a reward.

Lastly–as others have noted, the grenade is in reference to some other gamer who had set himself on fire while live streaming. If that is the origin of the grenade, then it makes sense the in game reward would be for setting yourself on fire. I suppose it could be that only those who live stream and set themselves on fire would get it (thus effectively making it very limited), but in that case it’s still not random but fixed to a specific set of actions.

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Interesting idea but I’m sure either myself or others would have gotten it from abusing the spiritual driver com if that were the case

I’m just relaying what I read. It could simply be that you had to be on fire from an enemy, not self inflicted. And if self inflicted counted, maybe it had to be by a COV weapon, not a class mod.

The main point I was trying to make: the Lootthemoon web site referenced said it was a random reward, indicating, e.g., that you might have received it simply for being online (even just being idle in sanctuary) at a particular time whereas everyone else on this board did not. I found that to be extremely unlikely and instead think that’s it was tied to doing something, likely with fire–it could be being on fire for a certain amount of time, killing a certain number of enemies with fire from a COV weapon within a certain amount of time, etc. It could be a very narrow thing–kill 10 COV with fire using a COV weapon in 30 seconds while in Ascension Bluff–something very few would do. But that would still mean the reward wasn’t random and instead was tied to doing something.

Having it be tied to some fire based challenge makes more sense than GB randomly sending the grenade to less than 1% of the players in a few week period shortly after launch, never to be explained or mentioned again.

I could be totally wrong, but random mail just seems odd to me (esp. as the site picture shows a level 65 version, which indicates people are currently getting it).

Good points, you are probably right. Strange no one know how to get it though.

It does come from Tyreen. She sent me 2 of them back at lvl 53 around the same time but I have no clue what triggered that. I was using the Skeksil as one of my primary weapons around then but not sure if that’s significant.


I tried a number of things yesterday, but no luck–killed a bunch of people while on fire using an incendiary cov pistol, killed tyreen with an incendiary cov pistol.

as someone who obsesses about getting all red text items, it bugs me I can’t find this.

Actually you got me thinking about the Burning Summit again. The red text is a reference to an actual streamer (1G) setting himself on fire on live stream right? It might be awarded after watching an actual (Borderlands 3) streamer setting himself on fire. Because nobody took attention about the things they were doing, they just saw the Burning Summit being mailed to them. OR, another explanation can be, that being a streamer AND streaming setting yourself on fire and the (some of the) viewers getting the Burning Summit. I never streamed anything, so I’m not sure this is the answer, but there are some options worth testing IMO, 'cause it gets me frustrated after an year of searching.

You might be on to something. What if it’s only available while you have the twitch echo cast extension? I play with it turned off so I would have never received it in all my time playing lol…

Mod Dev here, did (too much) digging with some new tools (thought I’d update this thread since it came up :stuck_out_tongue: )
If you kill yourself in the Sellout / Suicide machine over in Ambermire 20 times, you end up getting it mailed straight from Tyreen.
(Spot the name in the screenshot)


Had money to burn, a desire for the Burning Summit, so went out testing it and got it after killing myself 20 times in that machine. Mystery solved, case closed :man_shrugging:

Edit: I actually got two of them, one sent in mail, one put in my inventory.

How would you farm the mission on console to get this?

Don’t need to farm the mission. Once the mission is complete, you can always go back to that cage and kill yourself as many times as you want.