Hunt for the Burning Summit (SOLVED!)

Triple resist Old God would give 51 + 25, COM with fire resist +23%, relic with fire resist + elemental resist 39 + 28 should be +166% fire resist total from gear. Not sure how to get more than that

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The Ember’s blaze that you can get from the mission playing with fire goes up to 64% fire resist and has a good nova effect to pair with R4kks maybe. Other than that it has a similar effect to the red suit where it emits a fire aura that deals dmg to nearby enemies

That might work… triple resist Old God gonna be a brutal acquisition though… I may give Ember’s Blaze a spin in that role (Moze is using it at the moment).

Embers would probably be better for resistance against self-Dots actually. I think Old God would actually increase the fire damage you apply to yourself.