Hunter Hellquist: Elemental Bee Drop Rate

At Level 72, I get consistent drops of non-elemental Bees from Hunter Hellquist. I’ve gotten only one elemental Bee from him since I started playing BL2 (which has been a while). The elemental drop rate could use a boost, especially for fighting Invincible bosses.

There’s no “elemental drop rate” for the shields. All shields consists of 3 parts: body, battery and capacitor. There are 9 variations for each part. Maliwan capacitors(3 variants) give elemental DoT immunity(some shields can not spawn with them, and some shields have fixed bodies).

So, your overall chance of getting a Bee with Maliwan capacitor is about 3/90, or ~3%.


They are pretty damn rare. I have seen a single Inflammable Bee while playing this game, and it was one I pulled from a chest at level 65. So good luck to ya.

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Got my first, and only, elemental (inflammable) Bee last week from Hellquist. Couldn’t believe it.
Right after, data corruption in a Cloud sync blew up my latest Maya build and the Inflammable Bee.
Fooled by randomness…

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I have got 2 inflammable Bee’s from the treeants in the forest. I didn’t know till recently that there is a shock and corrosive bee’s. I could use the shock for those dam surveyors in digipeak.

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Got a bee from t reants. When examined before pick up it had emmunity to corrosion. When examined after pick up the emmunity had disappeared. Anybody had this happen to them.

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The Bee always has a Torgue body, and Hyperion and Dahl are excluded from the battery and capacitor.

That implies it should have a better chance to spawn with a Maliwan capacitor than non-legendary shields with no part limits would.

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Farming for elemental bees is a trail of tears. You will ask why. You will stop caring. You will care again. You will hate the game and gbx. You will curse your mother for bearing you. None of this will make them drop. Once you resign yourself to the endless plodding murders of ents and djs, when you no longer know how long or how many times, when you cease asking why or how or when, will you be ready. Then it just takes several more months, at best.

I lack only the explosive one. The others are very useful.