Hunter Hellquist question

Did he still in tower if you get there without doing quest?

You need to do the quest first to unlock the elevator up. Once that’s done and the mission handed in, he’ll respawn each time you restart the game. If you’re looking for a way to farm the Bee early, try the Forest in the Tiny Tina DLC - the treants drop them as well.

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i not about elevator, i asked if i get there on top, will he still be there? because you know, zero can get there without elevator, and all others can do same with a help from car
ie will be boss there if i not done quest (but still got to the top of the tower) - i just dont want to run whole campaign just to check that

Hm. Never tried. I suspect it wouldn’t work because the script that activates the door switch likely won’t trigger if the elevator is not working, and I do know that the elevator does not work unless you first activate the mission.

I’ll have to remember to check with the next character who gets that far in a play-through. Should have a couple before BL3 comes out!

You can get him out by throwing a singularity or a Vladof AoE grenade on the back wall. He will get damaged, get out and jump down.

Then you can take the elevator up and he will spawn a second time (only during the mission afaik)

So yeah, presumably, he will be there.

Edit: misread your post. i think him spawning is triggered by you accepting the mission.

maybe theres a way via console or whatelse, to make quest unfinished?

Probably can be done with [redacted], i’m not going to bother though.
Just test out the grenade thing without having the quest accepted and you’ll know for sure.

Why would you want to make the quest unfinished? (Also, discussing alterations to save files is a no-no!) I thought you were asking about farming him before the quest becomes available; once you’ve done the quest, you can farm him as many times as you like (you’ll just need to save-quit/restart to reset the map)

If it’s for farming purposes, i’d suggest going to The Forest area of the Tina DLC instead, the Treants drop Bee shields quite frequently.