Hunter-Killer: Paint

In Wilhelm’s skill tree ‘Hunter-Killer’ he’s got a skill called laser guided which when is activated if an enemy is killed while painted Saint and Wolf’s duration increases by 5 seconds.

But is it actually 5 seconds the whole way through? I only say this because when I do use paint and kill and enemy at the start of his action skill it only seems like it adds on about 1 or 2 seconds but when I do it near the end it seems like its the whole 5 seconds. Is there something I’m missing or what?

(Picture of skill description if you’re curious)

I’m guessing it will only add time up till the max duration. If you’ve only used 2 seconds of the skill so far it will only add 2 to make it full again, but if you’ve used over 5 then it’ll add 5. I’ve noticed this too and this is what I’ve felt it does.

It’s weird. I’ve noticed that too. I have managed to break it as-well. While powerleveling a friend, the bar pretty much froze because I was adding so much time. The bar does not fill all the way back up either. It was permanent wolf and saint until I left the area.

Thats… a lot of Rolling Thunder.

Yeah, we were laughing as I reported the count. Everything just died. If it was an Omega Strike, they flew 50ft in the air.

If I recall, laser guided adds 5 seconds to remaining duration and adds something to the max duration as well.

Yeah, I’ve noticed the duration bar is weird when it comes to Laser Guided. Makes me want an actual timer instead of a bar actually. On a related note, does anyone know if you can legitimately paint two targets at once and get 5 seconds of both of them? I’m not sure but I’ve had people tell me this. If you Paint one target and then Paint another target without killing anyone, is the first target still marked?

Pretty sure it just changes your target, I’ve never noticed that; sounds like rubbish to me.