HUNTER SEEKER (mitosis) where does it spawn?

I have heard Sky Bullies/mother of dragons’ dragons as well as GENVIV. PLEAAE ADVISE.

Dreg and Rage(Grogans)

I farmed them religiously during BBL week and never seen a Mitosis, scores of Cloning’s though.

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I have concluded that this grenade doesn’t exist.

It very well exists,it’s a very rare version and has a very low chance of spawning with that prefix ie: meaning it’s a unicorn

I know it does. Apparently, my jokes suck lol.


Np it’s all good,Cheers mate

I have got a few, emphasis on a few lol

They are indeed unicorns

When, where, how? Mayhem 10? Lvl? Curious for SCIENCE!

Only Mitosis I have got at level 60 outside of trading. TBH I don’t even remember who dropped it. All of the Mitosis Hunter Seeker’s I have got were world drops lmao

The ones I’ve got have been world drops from memory. Happy to send to you if you need?

I would love one!

I was just curious about if it was a dedicated source or mayhem 10, etc.

It isn’t locked to Mayhem, and can be found in World Drop.

The Cloning version will suffice in most situations, but won’t offer quite the effect of the Mitosis unfortunately.

It definitely does drop from the Grogans. Got a 2nd one during the Boss event while trying to farm a Deadeye. Though Mitosis prefix is extremely rare. I have only seen 2 drop ever.

Hopefully the run that boss boost again. Need me some classmods (Moxxi DLC/Phazerker and this thing.

One is a shock with the 25% on grenade thrown annointment. Cant remember the others sorry but will check next time I’m online.

Its fine. Take your time! I’ll take anything.

Bookmark this doc:

You’ll never have to wonder where anything drops ever again ;).

FR sent. Won’t be online too long though tonight.

This resource is fantastic:

Thank you!