Hunter Zero vs Washburne Chumps

I’m pretty new to Zero at OP8. I’ve only played Zero at OP8 on my new computer, which I’ve only had for three months. I’d like your opinions on the quality level of the gameplay. Enjoy.

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Slag and corrosive Pimpernels, corrosive Norfleet, corrosive Fastball, Twister… a little overkill, no?

Uhh…this game is all about overkill :sunglasses:

Indeed it is, but…

This is a fact. Washburne is the softest loader area. I enjoy reducing it to a pile of rubble.

And I didn’t abuse the Norfleet. I splattered two groups of three loaders each, and Hurley. Norfleeting Hurley is pure scorn. He’s an unworthy opponent.

I just wanna know if people are entertained by the video.

[quote=“ChemicalConundrum, post:3, topic:1554951, full:true”]Uhh…this game is all about overkill
[/quote]Interesting… the bazillion pieces of gear and wide variety of skills and game mechanics available for use that are not considered among the top ten makes me think otherwise, but if nothing else, the game certainly provides enough variety where people can go either way.

I personally am more entertained by combat that involves some struggle and/or something original/creative that demonstrates the player’s skills in the game, regardless of the skill level. I enjoy watching first-time players making their assault to Captain Flynt if they’re playing by the skin of their teeth. I enjoy watching veteran players handling raid bosses with non-standard techniques. I think your video is fine, and a great many people will enjoy it for its merits… just not my cup of tea.

Well you take a very different approach to the game, trying to find a use for everything and even playing at a different level than most everyone to do so. I’ve not heard of anyone else playing at OP3 exclusively.

I say the game is about overkill just because it’s so over the top and you have crazy weapons and crazy game breaking glitches. Not to mention skills like No Kill like Overkill, Thrill of the Kill, Bloodsplosion and probably some other ones I’m forgetting. Instead of GBX trying to tone down some of this stuff, they introduced Raid bosses that encourage the use of these glitches and over the top setups.

Most of us, myself included, choose to ignore most of them, but they are still there. BL2 is one of the greatest games ever, or more safely one of the greatest FPS’ ever, because you can play it so many different ways. Most of us long term players active on the forums have chosen to make it about the variety, but that’s a choice.

In terms of the video, having watched a lot of Man of Low Moral Fiber’s “Does it Suck” series, watching someone slam through Washburne with only A list gear isn’t that interesting to me, but again, I’ve seen that level quite a few times now. I did laugh a minute or so into the first area where he takes the time to use a slag pimp, Deception and Kunai on a group before then just slamming them with a Norfleet. Think that might have got them regardless after the slag…

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Thank you. This is what I’m after, honest opinions. I don’t enjoy raiding much, so that’s out, but I can certainly switch up my loadout and tackle a much more difficult area. I won’t be dropping the Pimpernels or the L.Hunter, but the Twister, Fastballs, and Norfleet can be replaced (and often are).

How about…hmmm…ok. How about a Moxxie-less round 5 of the Bandit Slaughter arena? Maybe go with Pimps, Rapier, PBFG, Black Hole, Slag Transfusion, Bone, and the L.Hunter. Yeah, that sounds fun and alot harder.

[quote=“KingGed, post:7, topic:1554951”]How about…hmmm.[/quote]There are legions of people who do enjoy that sort of combat, so I wouldn’t recommend changing your video content based on my opinion.

Try this - keep the loadout of your choice, but play King of the Hill there in Fink’s Arena. Specifically, once you start the wave, you have to complete it without leaving or otherwise getting knocked off the platform with the start button. There’s a little cover, so trading ranged fire with those enemies shouldn’t be too difficult, but you’ll need to prioritize and drop melee enemies fast. @hattieinduni and I played this recently and it was super fun. I’m not sure if she got knocked off or not, but I did several times (a Gravedigger managed to get up there with us once :acmomg: :acmlol:).

Ok that is different if nothing else. I’ll have a go.