Hunting for a fire OP8 infinity

Anyone by chance have a fire variant OP8 infinity they’d be willing to trade? Been farming the doc but all I get are corrosive and non elemental ><. Feel free to message me on here or on PSN (PSN Nightgrieve)

I have an op8 fire infinity for you. my psn is dmntdmstrmnd.

You guys got a fire infinity still for trade op8 ?

I have a ton of fire Infinities…What exactly are you looking for?

Sry for the late reply, last few days got busy ><. Ideally I’d want an OP8 fire infinity that focused more on fire rate than damage but any OP8 fire infinity would be amazing!

I have one

jg or dj feel free to let me know your psn and I can invite ^^

If you guys got some my psn is mightyb77

my PSN is jgcobb79

Sent you an invite ^^