Hurricane Harvey

I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of what’s going on in Texas and it’s on my mind despite the recent events that happened in my life too. I’m posting this topic on here because I know Gearbox is also in Texas and I hope they and everybody else is alright. I may not be a big fan of Borderlands and stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the people at Gearbox because I do, they’re people too. Man, I just want to cry but I physically cannot for some reason… I know it’s mostly in Houston but I’m worried about peeps in other places too as well, including my friend in Dallas (I live in Pennsylvania so I’m helpless…)

Well, got that off my mind.

The storm has been steadily eating ground northeast. It was finally relatively quiet today. We still have streets closed/underwater and i think cameron parish still has a mandatory evacuation. Still expecting another 4-8 inches.

Unfortunately its not going to get better, Hurricanes are getting stronger every year…newer ones will break the previous one’s record. I have family from my in-laws down there, they were lucky enough to buy land on the higher plains of Houston.

Gearbox is in Dallas/Fort Worth, that’s quite far from the hurricane. Just reading that they’ll be getting ocassional rain.

dallas is 3 hours from houston. north though, which makes a big difference for a hurricane crossing land. but harvey is just a tropical deppression now, headed for ohio.

Us in PA may get some of its remnants this weekend. My mind is also on Irma too that’s east of Florida. I’m actually glad Gearbox and my friend are in Dallas as they dodged a bullet there…