Hustler Com / Eraser - Looking for Recommendations

I have been trying to use a build that takes advantage of the Hustler Coms ability to do critical hits and the insane damage boost you can get from the Eraser skill. So far one of the best guns that works with this build is a N2M Conference Call but I am looking for other weapons to use.

Are they any Jakobs guns that work well with this or any other guns that take work great with that combo? I have tried the following guns so far.

Redistributor - Ok only. Looking for a better drop but doesn’t seem worthwhile.
Maggie - Decent damage and good for mobbing but not worth it for bossing in the Maliwan Takedown or more difficult scenarios.
Reflux - Great for mobbing and bossing with there are additional enemies.
Conference Call - Amazing at bosses that have larger hit boxes.

Queen’s Call - I thought this would be good but it is somehow worse than the Maggie. The projectiles on crit don’t do enough damage and reload/fire rate pale in comparison to the Maggie.
Hellwalker - This gun is great on this build although this gun is also great in general.
Convergence - Strong single target damage with a high fire rate. Easy to freeze enemies with Brain Freeze active so you make good use of an Icebreaker artifact.
Projectile Recursion - Good for mobbing and against bosses with adds but I didn’t find it as strong on the harder content (MTTD, GTD).

I have been trying to farm a Skullmasher with a decent anointment to try it out.

The other issue I have has to do with survivability. I use Barrier / MNTS with a ASS Frozen Heart shield but if I happen to go into FFYL I can’t do enough damage to get out of it. I am trying not to switch Action Skills but are there any recommendations to survive FFYL.

Skill Tree

The Projectile Recursion happens to work incredibly well with the Eraser/Hustler combo (check Moxsy’s “Ricochet Wizard” video for more on this). As for Fight For Your Life, I’d recommend a Backburner with the 300/90 anointment.

From what I have seen the Complex Root is absolutely broken with it and is probably the strongest option. Use either a Cryo or Rad one so as to not kill yourself.

I did try the complex root in shock while wearing a transformer and on the ps4 it destroyed but the payoff was constant screen tearing :flushed:

I will have to try farming a Projectile Recursion to try it out. Too bad it is another shotgun as it seems like that has the best weapons for this build. I got lucky with a Hellwaker with a N2M anoint and it is doing great damage.

I figured a Backburner would be the recommendation so I have been farming him but the drop rate has been abysmal.

I will try farming one. Is it good against bosses? That is the biggest hurdle I run into.

It is really strong against bosses. A well parted one should one or 2 tap any boss/boss phase.

Dude, I almost get more Projectile Recursions than white drops. If you’re on PC (or Xbox, I think), I can get one to you. Anointments (and elements) come and go… looking for a particular one of those might take a while, but I can probably get one in a few minutes here if you’re interested.

My “run and gun” Zane really enjoys Atlas gear because I can tag the enemy and then focus completely on avoiding obstacles and enemies, though few of those specimens are likely to be boss killers of the sort you seem to be looking for.

Thanks for the offer. I actually got a Projectile Recursion with the N2M anoint playing Arms Race and extracted it.

The gun doesn’t really seem that great though. Maybe I am missing something with the build in general because I find it lacking in damage in many scenarios.

if u want serious dmg do recursion redistributor reflux and such

but my fav is wagon wheel ye it is weaker but it is memeing on stuff!

Have people tried the Convergence in this setup? Presumably it would do some pretty mighty single target damage.

I have a recursion and reflux with the N2M anointment. The reflux is great but the recursion isn’t doing serious damage. I also have the redistributor but I still don’t have one with an N2M anoint but it seems worse than the reflux.

I have one with the N2M anoint and I plan on giving it a try. I will post once I play a bit with it.

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Recursion is better than I initially thought but playing on the Guardian Takedown or Maliwan True Takedown I don’t find it to as good due to the slow fire rate. Reflux is definitely better.

Convergence is really strong though. High damage and fast fire rate is great for single target damage when Conference Call / Eraser aren’t working well.

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do you have ase splash ase shield ase nade for recursion?

The recursion has the N2M anointment and I have a ASE nade. For the shield I switch between a Version 0.m shield with ASE and a Frozen Heart shield with ASS.

I dno it should wreck given commitment stacks not ttd gt but anything else rly

The Critical Thug could theoretically be really good and the Hotfoot Teddy, while not normally fantastic, could be fun.