Hustler + King's Call is Surprisingly Good Level 72 Zane Build

Heya Buddies, the Hustler Class mod has definitely seem some love ever since the purple tree came out and its been discovered that the Eraser skill point behaves wildly with the class mod dealing some ridiculous damage seeming randomly due to the Megavore like properties of the class mod. The class mod is able to proc some on crit effects as mentioned before and due to this a youtube user by the name ZEROzx12 commented on a previous build about the potential of King’s Call on Zane due to the hustler class. Hoping to capture similar success of Flak’s synergy with the King’s Call ZEROzx12 tested the strength of the weapon on Zane and his finding showed that it indeed dealt great amounts of damage with the Hustler. We theorized on a potential Infinite ammo version w/ Clone regen ammo anointment but despite getting a couple more shots in on an enemy this proved to be too luck reliant to be the focus of this build. I decided to go with a ASE weapon damage increase on the King’s Call instead to give a boost of damage to excel this build as much as possible plus I added something to this build to increase our on critical projectile performance

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Main gear we use: We are using two different King’s Calls, one with fire and one with shock to eliminate the inability to deal damage to an enemy with specific elemental immunity. As mentioned before the King’s Call(s) we are using has the ASE increased weapon damage anointment on them, because of this we are using the mantis cannon to proc our ASE as much as possible. I originally went with a Re-volter shield because it’s an instant include on most builds but I actually found that the Infernal Wish performed better and accomplished what we were trying to do on this build more effectively. When running DPS Checks against Graveward I found that the Infernal Wish averaged out to 8 seconds for runs performed while the Re-Volter averaged to 10 seconds for runs performed. That’s about a 20% Increase on total DPS when using the Infernal Wish and the reason for that is because the main damage that comes from the King’s Call is the special projectiles that deal splash damage that spawn on crit. Every time we crit with the infernal wish equipped it allowed for us to double the amount of projectiles spawned so we would see 6 projectiles on crit hit instead of the normal 3 and as said before most of the damage from the king’s call comes from the special projectiles this increases our total damage output by so much more than the Re-volter could offer. Plus its really fun to see tons of Projectiles spawn whenever we crit an enemy, its very satisfying. The Infernal Wish shield we have has the anointment while SNTNL active increase movement speed by 15%, having this anointment increases our total damage by a lot because of Zane’s Violent Momentum skill plus having this anointment on the shield allows us to keep a slot open for ASE of any element for our grenades. Speaking of grenades I primarily a It’s Piss w/ anointment ASE fire damage but incase I wish to change the element I do have some purples with other ASE elements. The It’s Piss is useful but since SNTNL doesn’t spawn grenades on a consistent basis its not a reliable debuff so you could probably spec into something else but I always like to have it on just incase we can get a debuff on a tough enemy or boss. We are also using a Hustler class mod for the small chance of proccing a crit on an enemy with a body shot to get those special projectiles. Secondary Stats I’m using is: Splash, Crit & Pistol Damage. Artifact we are using is the Elemental Projector Victory Rush, now normally I would use a pearl for a build such as this since we are hitting the enemy consecutively to deal big damage but the main damage of this build is Splash so its more advantageous for us to have an artifact that can increase our splash damage. On top of that the Victory Rush acts as a double increase on damage since the 18% increase to damage is general then we get extra movement speed so that’s even more general damage increase.

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.

i do not see where the surprising part comes

That’s okay, I was just saying that the damage is really good, kings call is usually only seen on Fl4k so that’s why I thought it was surprising that Zane could deal good damage with them as well despite not having a good way to crits constantly. You normally don’t see Zane running that weapon :slight_smile:

Is that really advantageous to use Hustler compared to… wait for it… Seeing Dead ? :sweat_smile:


It deals more damage overall then the seeing dead if you don’t have a clear crit spot. Some bosses like Wotan can’t be crit during some phases making players required to deal body shots. The hustler works around that. Plus the infernal wish allows for the on crit projectiles to double :slight_smile: