Huzzah!.....Magic Slaughter BA Round OP8 Finished Solo!


Quite a Fight!..It was as Wellington would say: “A close run thing”… I am exhausted LOL

And getting to the BA Round was no picnic either…Round 5 was extremely difficult…at least to me.

I finally settled on a Blue Shadow Stalker Zer0 for several reasons.

High damage rate of the DPUH
Excellent boost to pistol FR
Excellent boost to mag size
VERY high shield recharge rate which I have always found just about ESSENTIAL in the BA Round
SPEED and GUN DAMAGE from a 10/5 FollowThrough which is almost always active because you are killing stuff left and right
Rising Shot gets an excellent boost as enemies ALWAYS require multiple shots

Grenade was X4 Magic Missile
Shield was a fast recharge Blockade with a 1.5 mil shield cap…delay of 2.03
Relic was Explosive Damage Relic…because…EXPLOOOOSIONS! (I did not seem to notice the loss in cooldown and the speed boost allowed me to retreat quickly for a cooldown if necessary)…and DAT DAMAGE from it and the DPUH…NICE!

Build was this with FollowThrough and Rising Shot both at 10/5 because of the Shadow Stalker Mod:

Round 1 = 3 deaths…just getting settled in
Round 2 = 2 deaths
Round 3 = 4 deaths
Round 4 = 6 deaths (a couple of stupid mistakes on my part…just dumb!)
Round 5 = 11 deaths TOUGH round for me…had to stop and re-farm money after this fiasco
BA Round = 12 deaths (again I made some mistakes in these rounds that I could kick myself…running out of ammo once…just wow)

No decent loot and no Ogre…OUCH!



Well done! That is no picnic with gun Zero!

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I can’t even fathom trying to do that BA Round as a Melee Zer0…

But I guess with all his Melee boosts and with a good Roid shield…and if you learn how to explot his skills correctly

The damage output must be obscene…

It would HAVE to be because the BA Round just keeps throwing stuff at you so fast, if you don’t kill QUICKLY…you are in the veritable hurt locker.

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Aside from taking a point from Precision and putting it in Follow Through looks like a nice build- congrats!


Yes, judgement call on that one. Not sure if it matters either way but my mod gave me +6 in FollowThrough so I thought 10/5 in it would be enough and the better the Precision, the better the DPUH is in that fight.

At least that was my thinking…again, not sure it makes a difference either way.

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That is extremely difficult no matter the character used. Kudos! :acmaffirmative: