Huzzah!.....Prestiged My Zer0!

Finished enough challenges to reset my OP8 Zer0 challenges…and it was funny…

I wasn’t even trying…

In fact…I just noticed the Reset appear tonight and to tell you the truth, it could have been there for days.

To me this is totally different from my Commando where I actually had to TRY to get enough of the challenges complete to Prestige.

With Zer0…it just happened and I didn’t even really notice.

I really don’t know if that means anything but I thought I’d remark on it.

Guess it shows how much fun I’ve had with him and “time flies when you are having fun!”


Yeah… I’ve unlocked OP8 as Zero twice in the past 4 months, and my second Zero (unlocked OP8 a month ago) has completed a playthrough and reset UVHM.

This class is awesome. I’ve been having a great time recording a bunch of stuff with him. Mission play as Zero is efficient and fun! I haven’t gotten bored with stealthing past a bunch of enemies to quickly get to my target and eliminate it.

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