Huzzah!.....Robot Slaughter Solo at OP8 complete!

Ladies and Gentleman…Round 5 of The Robot Slaughter was for me…the HARDEST fight in this game as a gun Zer0!

22 attempts…had to stop and go re-farm money as I flat ran out.

I breezed through Finks thinking I was actually getting better…even the first 3 Rounds of Robot Slaughter seemed no big deal.

Then rounds 4 and 5 literally kicked my a$$.

Ammo…Ammo…Ammo You run out of everything and unlike the Peak that has waypoints to restock and adequate ammo boxes EVERYWHERE. The Robot Slaughter has NONE. At least the BA Round of the Magic Slaughter has the Ammo shrine but Robot Slaughter? Nope. Nada, Zip!

NO WAY I could use my two favorite mods Chaotic Neutral and Shadow Stalker as although you kill tremendously fast, you run out of bullets around wave 3…

Soldier Logic:
Gun no have bullets anymore
Not good…

Had to ultimately go with a Legendary Killer and shifted between Corrosive and Explosive and THANK GOODNESS for my Transformer Shield which I switched between it and a Blockade! There are SEVERAL waves in Round 5 that are filled with Surveyors and those Jet thingies that are a PITA. And we are not talking run of the mill surveyors…we are talking BIG surveyors, the 3.0 kind. The Transformer lets you laugh at them AND absorbs a little ammo as well which is MUCH appreciated in that round.

Build was this:

Used a potful of Weapons
Grenade was Magic Missile
Corrosive Kittren (Surprisingly good)
Corrosive Bladed Tattler (This one was EXCELLENT!)
Hornet (Superb)
Butcher (OK)
Corrosive Lyuda (Oh My…superb)
Slag Pimp for long range slagging
and borrowed a Corrosive Norfleet off my main Commando for FFYL

Tried two other Corrosive weps and just wasn’t thrilled…Corrosive Veruc and a Corrosive Slow Hand
Also tried a Corrosive Actualizer that was darn good…but I just liked the Tattler better.

FUN…and frustrating at the same time…LOL


[quote=“johnrr6, post:1, topic:1558091”]Then rounds 4 and 5 literally kicked my a$$.[/quote]Yeah, the rest of the Circles of Slaughter rounds, regardless of type, are shenanigans compared to rounds 4 and 5 of the Hyperion one. Nice work!

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